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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Spy Mission...with Tracey Devlyn and Giveaway

A Spy Mission of Christmas Eve - Tracey Devlyn

Tracey Devlyn writes historical romantic thrillers (translation: a slightly more grievous journey toward the heroine’s happy ending). She’s a co-founder of Romance University, a group blog dedicated to readers and writers of romance, and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, Chicagoland’s exciting new reading salon devoted to romantic fiction. An Illinois native, Tracey spends her evenings harassing her once-in-a-lifetime husband and her weekends torturing her characters. For more information on Tracey, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website at

Places to find Tracey:

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Wardrobe Malfunction...with Theresa Romain and Giveaway

A Wardrobe Malfunction on Christmas Eve - Theresa Romain

Historical romance author Theresa Romain pursued an impractical education that allowed her to read everything she could get her hands on. She then worked for universities and libraries, where she got to read even more. Eventually she started writing, too. Her historical romance debut, SEASON FOR TEMPTATION, was published in October 2011. The sequel, SEASON FOR SURRENDER, will be published in October 2012.
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Ruined Feast...with Emma Wildes and Giveaway

A Ruined Feast on Christmas Eve - Emma Wildes

Emma Wildes is the national bestselling, award-winning author of over thirty (uhm, warning, some are kind of on the naughty side) novels and novellas, mostly set in Regency England.

She’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact her.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Caroling Off-Key... with Jayne Fresina and Giveaway

Caroling Off-Key on Christmas Eve - Jayne Fresina

Jayne Fresina sprouted up in England, the youngest in a family of four daughters. Entertained by her father’s colorful tales of growing up in the countryside, and surrounded by opinionated sisters – all with far more exciting lives than hers – she’s always had inspiration for her beleaguered heroes and unstoppable heroines.

Places to find Jayne:
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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Wallflower Makeover...with Tessa Dare and Giveaway

A Wallflower Makeover on Christmas Eve - Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare is the New York Times bestselling author of nine historical romance novels and three novellas. A librarian by training and book-lover at heart, she makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, their two children, and a big brown dog.

Places to find Tessa:
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Hisorical Christmas Eve with Sabrina Jeffries and Giveaway

An Excerpt from Sabrina Jeffries’ ‘Twas the Night After Christmas Part 2

Raised amidst the rubber plantations in Thailand with missionary parents, Sabrina Jeffries likes to say she rode to her bestselling success on the back of an elephant. In truth, Jeffries has earned numerous placements on the New York Times and USA Today lists with Regency historicals that readers savor for her trademark sexy blend of witty dialogue and enterprising characters. It’s no accident she has been dubbed “The Queen of the Sexy Regency Romance.”

About that plantation business—living in the boonies of Thailand afforded Sabrina endless hours to read Jane Austen novels and other classics voraciously. Not surprisingly, back in the States, she went on to earn a doctorate in English literature from Tulane University—and a craving for Cajun food.

While Sabrina is at ease with refined academia types, she enjoys using her literary skills to pen novels of romantic fiction. She sold her first book in 1991 and has 33 published novels to her credit. Whenever she struggles with a plot point, she shuts off the computer and tackles a jigsaw puzzle, and before long, bingo! Problem solved. Another stress-reliever for the inventive author: creating her popular Will and Jane’s Excellent Adventure comics. Displaying Sabrina’s fine-tuned sense of humor, the comics feature a William Shakespeare caricature figure and a Jane Austen action figure.

Caffeine addict, Third Culture Kid, chocoholic, and popular novelist with more than six million books in print, Jeffries defies labels. Her biting humor and simultaneous warmth endear her to her 10,000 Facebook fans, Pinterest followers and loyal Goddess blog readers. At home in front of a crowd—any crowd (no really, just hand over the microphone and get ready for some fun)—Jeffries is a sought-after speaker, as evidenced by her 2010 gig as emcee for the National Romance Writers of America’s 30th Anniversary Awards Ceremony.

While Sabrina treks through remote locales in the name of research and rubs elbows in the big cities with other industry professionals, she says her favorite destination is home. She lives in Cary, North Carolina, with her two best guys—husband, Rene, and adult son, Nick, who has inspired her to actively champion the cause of autistic children.

Places to find Sabrina: 
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekly Winners

Below is a list of all of the winners from the past week.

Book of Choice from Maureen Driscoll

His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly

Swag Pack from Sophie Barnes

Necklace from Bonnie Bliss

Book of Choice from Elle Kennedy or Vivian Arend

All winners have been notified via email. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and entered. =)

A Historical Christmas Eve Event

We are back at it again

Myself, along with Rita from Not Another Romance Blog have teamed up again this year to bring you an amazing, extra special Christmas event you won’t soon forget! Starting tomorrow, December 2nd, both of our blogs will feature daily holiday-themed scenes written by some of your favorite historical romance authors. This year we've decided to add an extra twist to the festivities and all of the scenes take place on Christmas Eve! Each day you’ll have the chance to enter a daily giveaway on each blog sponsored by the featured author. There will also be an AMAZING GRAND PRIZE giveaway that you won't want to miss out on. Each participating author, as well as both Rita and myself have put together a GIANT box of goodies  (including gift cards, books and swag) that will go to one very lucky person. Sounds like fun right?