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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Audiobook Review: The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne, Narrated by Derek Perkins

Kerrigan Byrne is one of those authors that once you start reading her stories you just keep wanting more and more! I started “The Highwayman” a year ago and got distracted with other books. When the opportunity to review her audiobooks came up I ran for it! What a fantastic author. “The Highlander” is the third book in her Victorian Rebels series. I am so hooked! The only reason I was eager to finish this story is because I know I have two other books by her to hear!

I personally love audiobooks especially times like now when I’m too exhausted and busy to read. Derek Perkins is as good as they get! He is a fantastic narrator who really knows how to make the characters appear before me as he reads to me about them!

Now the fantastic writing that is this story! Colonel Liam MacKenzie is the hero or like many of Byrne’s writing, an anti-hero. He has a troubled family history and is known for his ruthlessness on the battlefield. He carries many demons from his past such as his difficult and abusive relationship with his father to the suicide of his wife. As Liam returns to his clan he is faced with the task of raising his children. Something that he cannot do alone so he needs to find a governess.

Miss Philomena can’t get far enough from London and the chance to escape to the highlands is the perfect opportunity for her. With the help of two friends, Millie and Christopher Argent-from the previous book- she finds herself Liam’s new governess.

As Liam and Mena begin to get to know each other they both have secrets that they want to keep hidden but their pasts are racing to catch up with them. Liam knows that Mena is running from her past and the wounds she carries are visible both physically and emotionally. Neither Liam nor Mena are ready to let their guard down and really believe that another can come to love them despite their wounded pasts.

So, some confessions. I have to say that I don’t like instant lust stories and most of Byrne’s stories the characters instantly fall for one another. The obstacles they face are either external or obstacles that will come to resolution with time. What always keeps me glued is that the storylines are so well plotted and the twists and turns are so unexpected. Towards the end there were some things I anticipated and others I did not! I really enjoyed Liam and Mena’s story and I am happily inserting the next cd of “The Duke” and I’m ready to jump into Cole and Imogen’s story!

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ARC Review: Stand by A.L. Jackson

A.L. Jackson has one of the most beautiful writing styles that I have ever read. She is a truly gifted author, weaving words in a way that no one else does. I always look forward to reading something new from her, and if you haven't read anything by her you definitely need to. Stand was a book I had both been looking forward to and yet I was also kind of sad since this is the last Bleeding Stars book. This is a standalone story, but I definitely recommend the entire series. A.L. Jackson hit it out of the park again with this book, and I loved it! 

This is Zee Kennedy's story, a character I have been anxious to get to know better. When Zee's brother died, Zee stepped up to take his brother's place in his band. Besides that though, Zee remained mostly a mystery, never letting anyone in. No one knew his secrets or what kept him so focused. But when Alexis Kensington entered his life, everything changed. While she needed someone to save her, she ended up saving Zee too. But can he let go of his past in order to truly move forward? 

I loved these two. They really did need each other, and saved each other in every way. My heart broke for Zee at times, seeing all that he had kept a secret and been hiding from everyone around him. He had so much pain and hurt that he had shouldered alone, and he truly deserved so much more. Alexis brought him back to life in a way that he hadn't been for a long time. He had been surviving before her, but she helped him to actually live again. Zee and Alexis had such a strong connection and chemistry, and it felt as though they were always meant for one another.

Overall, this story was such a beautiful one. A.L. Jackson brought all the emotions here, and I loved it. This series has been fantastic from the start and I am really sad that this is the end. I thought that this one was such a great ending to the series though and I know I will read these books again. I have loved everything I have read from Jackson, but there is just something special about the Bleeding Stars series and Stand is one I think readers are going to love.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

ARC Review: Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan

Every time I see a new book by Kendall Ryan, I immediately add it to my TBR. She is a great author and I always enjoy her stories. Sexy Stranger is no exception, and I think fans of hers are going to love this one. I had a great time reading this enemies to lovers romance story. 

On a trip across the country, Charlotte's car breaks down in a small town. While Luke knows she doesn't belong there, he can't help but want to keep her around for awhile. Luke once had his heart broken by a city girl, so he knows that when Charlotte leaves that will be the end. But when they grow closer, he can't help but wonder what would happen if she stayed. But can he let go of the past to have a chance at a future, and can she stay in a place she never imagined as long as she has Luke?

I liked these two a lot. They didn't start off the best, but I loved that! They had so much chemistry and tension between them that you knew it was going to explode at some point. Luke and Charlotte's banter had me not wanting to put this one down, and I couldn't get enough. Both Luke and Charlotte had some issues that threatened to hold them back, but I thought that they were perfect for each other. They were sweet and sexy, and seeing their relationship grow stronger was something I really enjoyed. 

Overall, another great book from Kendall Ryan. I enjoyed it a lot and it kept me interested from start to finish. It had everything I look for in an entertaining read, with both sweet and steamy scenes, and some really good banter and chemistry. This was a light and fun read, and was exactly what I was looking for to escape for a few hours. If you like contemporary romance, Kendall Ryan is an author that I highly recommend. I already can't wait to see what she writes next.

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Feature and Giveaway: Without Words by Delancey Stewart

Sometimes love speaks for itself…

After an accident in the line of duty, firefighter Roberto DeRosa’s life is turned upside down. His career fighting fires is over, and he’s left with an uncertain future and an injury that makes communicating difficult for him. The only time words flow easily is when they’re lyrics and he has a guitar in his hands. Talking to women is definitely out, especially if they have bright blue eyes that seem to see right into his soul.

Dani Hodge is on the brink of realizing her dream of opening a small combination wine and book store in San Diego’s funky Ocean Beach neighborhood. But before she can open the doors, there’s work to be done, more work than she can do herself.

When the tattooed guy who completely ignored her at a bar walks by and offers her a hand wrangling a tile saw, Dani can’t afford to say no—and why would she say no to Mr. Strong and Silent when his stare conveys more than words could?

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

ARC Review: Tyson by Kathy Coopmans

Tyson is the third The Saints series book by Kathy Coopmans. While they are standalones, I recommend reading Riddick and Jude first if possible. You don't have to, but I really think it adds to the experience of Tyson. 

Lynne left Tyson at the altar when they were to be married, leaving him with a broken heart. Now thirteen years later, she is back but Tyson wants nothing to do with her. Lynne has her reasons for leaving and wants to explain what happened to Tyson, but can he believe and trust her after everything that they had been through? 

I have to say that I really loved these characters. I love second chance romance stories, and these two had me invested right from the start. Lynne was strong and that was something I really admired, especially after all that she had been through. Tyson was a bit over the top at times, but I really loved it. He was protective of Lynne even after everything that had happened and it made me love him that much more. These two had a ton of chemistry and an undeniable connection that years and circumstances didn't diminish. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters and I am really enjoying this series by Kathy Coopmans. If you are looking for a good story with a sexy alpha, Tyson is definitely one you will want to check out. While I did really like this book, there were a few times that the story felt rushed including the ending and that was what kept me from rating this one higher. I still highly recommend though and can't wait to read more from Kathy Coopmans in the future.

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