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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Feature and Giveaway: Roaming Wild by Tracey Devlyn

She’s loved him forever…

The last thing traveling nurse Evie Steele expects to find aboard the RV housing her mobile health clinic is her brother’s best friend. As always, Deke’s close proximity stirs her forbidden desires and long-suppressed dreams. But his sudden reappearance in her life and curious interest in her patients makes Evie wonder what he’s hiding.

…but now his secrets could destroy them both.

Special agent Deke Conrad is in big trouble. Not only does he have a thing for his friend’s little sister, but what should be a routine mission is turning into a tour of temptation and survival. He fooled himself into thinking he could keep the beautiful and dynamic Evie in the dark while he used the cover of her Med Mobile to track down a merciless wildlife trafficker. But he didn't anticipate the lure of her scent or the warmth of her smile…or the string of dead bodies littering their path.

When Evie winds up in his enemy’s crosshairs, Deke must unleash every weapon in his arsenal to save her, including his heart. But will he be too late?

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Monday, June 26, 2017

ARC Review: At His Mercy by Shelly Bell

I like Bell as an author. I've read one or two of her books before and she knows how to do erotic romance right. Despite my history with this author, when I first started this book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. There is a dramatic age difference between Isabella and Tristan (9 years) and there is a lot of background information and super kinky sex packed into like the first 20% of the book. I just wasn't sure if I was feeling the connection between the main characters when it seemed to come from absolutely nowhere. But I have to say, perseverance paid off because things really did make more sense later in the book and I found myself really liking this couple.

Isabella is 19 when she meets Tristan at a "play party." It's Isabella's first time experimenting with the BDSM lifestyle but it's something she's really drawn too. Isabella, although young, was in a really bad situation with her high school ex. Long story short, he was crazy and tried to kill her. Isabella sees a D/s relationship as a way to take back power over her life even though she is the submissive. Tristan has grown bored with parties and the life when he meets Isabella. Tristan was a bright star who got involved with a toxic woman early on. He was married and wealthy and is now divorced and decidedly not wealthy. His ex continues to harass him because she's spent up all of his money. Tristan takes a job as a college professor to bridge his financial gap. Right before leaving for the job he is intrigued by the young sort of innocent red head who shows up at a play party.

On their very first night together Isabella and Tristan connect to each other in a way that neither of them ever expected. Both leave the night wanting more but committing themselves to look for that in the future. So you can imagine both of their shock when they run into each other 12 hours away from their original meeting spot at a University where Isabella is a freshman in Tristan's business class. Not only is Isabella in the class but she is supposed to be Tristan's teaching assistant. And to me, this is where things really get interesting. 

From this point forward, I really started to like Isabella and Tristan. Isabella is a very old 19. Everything she has been through has caused her to grow up. She is completely grounded, assertive and has a life plan she is determined to stick to. Isabella wound up being one of my favorite depictions of a submissive. Tristan also turns out to be a strong character who is my favorite flavor of bossy/big D/protective- basically everything I love in my book boyfriends. The whole time you are reading this book, you know the past is lurking around the corner for both of these characters and that adds suspense to the plot line. In the end this is a really sexy, entertaining novel that I highly recommend for all you erotic romance lovers.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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Guest Post with Author Ingrid Paulson and Giveaway

Ingrid Paulson does not, in fact, loathe anyone. Although the snarky sense of humor and verbal barbs in Why I Loathe Sterling Lane might suggest otherwise (and shock those who think they know her best).

Ingrid lives in San Francisco with her husband and children and enjoys long-distance running, eavesdropping, and watching science documentaries. She has always loved books and writing short stories, but was surprised one day to discover the story she was working on wasn’t so short any more. Valkyrie Rising, a paranormal girl power story was Ingrid’s first novel. Expect another humorous contemporary romance to join the list soon.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

ARC Review: On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss

On the Plus Side is the first book that I have read from Alison Bliss, but it won't be my last. This is actually the second book in her Perfect Fit series, but each is a standalone story. Not only is this book one of my personal favorite tropes (brother's best friend!) but I loved that it was about a woman with some curves. I am always interested in reading a story about someone I can relate to and the fact that Valerie is sassy and not a size 0 was what had me wanting to read this one more than anything else. 

Valerie has always turned heads with her curves, except for when it comes to her brother's best friend Logan. Determined to finally get his attention, Valerie knows she needs to do what it takes. Logan has always fantasized about Valerie, yet he has also known that she was off-limits. So when she lands a job at his new bar, and Logan finds her naughty to-do list Logan knows that he can't resist her anymore.

I liked these two a lot. Logan was sexy and protective, and the kind of hero that is impossible not to fall for. He was caring and a great guy. Valerie was determined and sassy, and I really felt like I could relate to her. She was a ton of fun and I enjoyed the chemistry and connection between her and Logan. There was an interesting dynamic between these two with them being slightly forbidden and that just made this one that much more enjoyable for me. 

I will say that I had a few issues and those are what kept me from rating this one higher. There were times that Val's brother was just too over the top protective. He went a little crazy and that drove me nuts. The other thing that bothered me was something that Val did and it affected Logan. I felt like things were just kind of flipped and swept under the rug and she wasn't really held accountable for it. She might not have known everything, but she did know that it wasn't a good choice and that had me struggling to move past it. Still a good story, and this won't be the last I read from Alison Bliss.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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Feature and Giveaway: The Impossible Vastness of Us by Samantha Young

“I know how to watch my back. I’m the only one that ever has.”

India Maxwell hasn’t just moved across the country—she’s plummeted to the bottom rung of the social ladder. It’s taken years to cover the mess of her home life with a veneer of popularity. Now she’s living in one of Boston’s wealthiest neighborhoods with her mom’s fiancĂ© and his daughter, Eloise. Thanks to her soon-to-be stepsister’s clique of friends, including Eloise’s gorgeous, arrogant boyfriend Finn, India feels like the one thing she hoped never to be seen as again: trash.

But India’s not alone in struggling to control the secrets of her past. Eloise and Finn, the school’s golden couple, aren’t all they seem to be. In fact, everyone’s life is infinitely more complex than it first appears. And as India grows closer to Finn and befriends Eloise, threatening the facades that hold them together, what’s left are truths that are brutal, beautiful, and big enough to change them forever…

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