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Monday, June 11, 2012

ARC Review: Anything You Want by Erin Nicholas

I have very mixed feelings about this book. On one hand I loved the hero. He was great. Witty, passionate and caring. On then on the other hand I couldn't stand the heroine. I mean it. I seriously loathed her. So when it comes to writing a review for this book I'm torn. While I was able to finish the book quite quickly, I did have a few moments where I had to put it down and walk away just out of sheer frustration.

Let me explain. Sabrina left home four years ago and hasn't looked back. She went off in pursuit of making it big in the music scene. Now broke and pregnant she wants to return home to raise her child but on the way her car breaks down and not having any other options decides to call Luke, her oldest friend and former fiance' to the rescue.

Marc and Luke have been best friends ever since Marc moved into town when they were twelve. After a terrible car accident kills all of Marc's family, Luke's family takes Marc in and raises him as Luke's brother. Marc will do anything for Luke and his family. So when he finds out Sabrina is calling for Luke he decides to intercept the call. No way is he going to let Luke fall back into the trap that is Sabrina. All she has ever done is hurt Luke by stringing him along. So you can imagine Sabrina's surprise when Marc shows up at the hotel instead of Luke.

Marc and Sabrina have a volatile relationship to say the least. Neither have really ever gotten along and when they are together they are constantly bickering. Though this time when they both see each other, the bickering somehow turns into something a bit more. Their heated words become filled with sexy innuendo's and double entendre's. Both can't deny this attraction they are feeling towards the other. But how can they act upon it when they know it will do nothing but hurts the one's they are closest with?

Once they are both home, the attraction hits them both in full force. Little touches here and there suddenly turns into sex against the wall. The chemistry between these two is electric and they both find it hard to stay away from the other. I loved their interactions with each other and I found when other parties weren't around I loved Sabrina and Marc together. I loved the witty banter back and forth. Things get heated between them quickly and I love that neither are able to deny their attraction.

What bothered me about this story was the way Sabrina was when Marc isn't around. As soon as she gets back into town the confident and independent Sabrina disappears. She once again starts stringing Luke around and I HATED that. I hated the fact that she doesn't love Luke and she knows that she doesn't and probably never will but she decides it's okay to marry him. Um what the hell. How is that even kosher? Really? Not only does she have feelings for Marc that could be turning into love but it's okay to marry someone that you don't love just because he can give your kid a home. I thought this made Sabrina seem like a total bitch and beyond selfish. And don't even get me started on Luke or her dad.

Really the only reason I found myself turning the pages is to see what Marc was up to. I instantly found a connection with him and he was just so adorable. He is battling his feelings for Sabrina because he knows how much Luke cares about her and he doesn't want to do anything that will jeopardize his and Luke's relationship. I felt so bad for Marc at times. He just wants to be happy but the one thing making him happy could potentially be the thing that ruins his whole life. Oh Marc.

All in all this book was an okay read for me. I was able to finish and I really liked Marc. The story itself was cute and sweet at times but it's still a little hard for me to get past Sabrina and the way she acted with everyone besides Marc.

**ARC copy provided by Goddess Fish Promotions**

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