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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ARC Review: Sweet Madness by Heather Snow

Sweet Madness is the third book in Heather Snow’s Veiled Seduction series. It is a warm story of healing and redemption. Both the hero and the heroine are damaged by their past and struggle to believe that they can build a new life together. Snow brings us a well-written book that any historical romance reader would enjoy.

Gabriel Devereaux, Marquess Bromwich, is locked in a sanatorium because of his fits of mania. It might be caused by battle fatigue since Gabriel barely escaped the Napoleonic War with his life. But it’s been four years since the war and the episodes of mania are unlike those of other soldiers. Gabriel has lost hope of recovery and his family is preparing to remove him from the marquessate by having him declared insane. Penelope Bridgeman, Lady Manton, is a young widow. He dead husband was Gabriel’s cousin. She has been working with her cousin, Liliana, and her husband who run a program to help ex-soldiers rebuild their lives. Pen has developed techniques to deal with battle fatigue. Gabriel’s mother has asked her to go to the sanatorium to see if she can help him.
Gabriel and Pen fight a growing attraction to each other as she attempts to determine what is causing his troubles (actually, he has secretly yearned for her for years). Their relationship develops as they peel back the layers of their dark memories. Both of them have things they would like to forget and both need to overcome guilt about the past.

I enjoyed Sweet Madness very much. Gabriel and Penelope were sympathetic characters with a lot of depth. Both were reluctant to embrace their relationship because they did not think they deserved it. Snow’s writing is solid. She knows how to construct a story and clearly describe the characters and situations. At times the twists of the plot were a little coincidental or somewhat unbelievable, but most readers will forgive this in a romance. I don’t usually like crazed villains, but the one in this story made sense. Overall, a very satisfying read.

**ARC copy provided by Author**

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