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Friday, May 31, 2013

ARC Review: What a Wicked Earl Wants by Vicky Dreiling

Vicky Dreiling is back with the first book in her new Sinful Scoundrels series. I have been a huge fan of Dreiling since her debut novel. Her books stand out for clever, funny dialogue and characters you love. There were more than enough delightful characters to go around in What a Wicked Earl Wants. The full cast of lovable characters gives the story richness and dimension.

Andrew Carrington, Earl of Bellingham has resolved never to marry. Ever since his family died he has been overcome with guilt and has made an art of avoiding relationships, living a debauched life but enjoying it less and less. Lady Laura Davenport is a widow struggling to raise an adolescent stepson. Never mind that Justin is only eleven years younger than her – Laura is a very determined mother. Bell finds himself drawn into Laura’s struggle with Justin and takes the role of male figure in the boy’s life. With the help Bell’s two friends and Laura’s older lady advisor Bell, Laura and Justin become a family.

I loved every minute of this book. The story just rather bounced along on its way to the Happily Ever After. You have to love Bell’s friends, Colin and Harry. Their upcoming stories are sure to be worth the wait. This was the first Regency I recall that dealt with teenage male rebellion. It was refreshing and unusual. I had a few minor complaints with What a Wicked Earl Wants. The story slowed a bit in the middle. Conflicts were resolved a little too quickly. Ending was a little abrupt. But the most significant fact is that I did not want it to end. What a wonderful thing to say about any book. I will be the first in line for the other Sinful Scoundrels.

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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