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Saturday, July 13, 2013

ARC Review: One True Love by Lori Wilde

I have never read a book by Lori Wilde, but if this novella is anything to go by I will definitely be reading more in the future! In the past i've said that I have a love hate relationship with novellas, because even though they are a quick read, they are just so short that it is hard to do a story justice. That was absolutely not the case with One True Love! I found that this story was extremely well developed and was written so well that I just couldn't put it down. I devoured this entire novella in a single sitting!

One True Love is set in the 1920's and begins with Millie answering the door to a handsome stranger who happens to be her father's boss John Fant. Unfortunately John is there with devasting news of a cave in at his family's mine and Millie's father was one of a few men killed. Coming from a large family and being the oldest Millie is the one her mother always leaned on for help. After her father's death, John and his family offer Millie a job as a maid with a large enough salary to help support her mother and younger siblings. Millie decides that even though she will miss her family, it is time to spread her wings and get out of their small town. As Millie begins her new job, her and John begin to cross paths. Although both of them feel a strong attraction to one another, they know that nothing can come of a relationship between the wealthiest man in town and a maid. As if their social standings weren't enough of a road block, John is betrothed to another woman in which he does not love. As the wedding date approaches, Millie decides to write a letter to Cupid pleading her case for her one true love John.

I absolutely loved John. He was handsome and sweet. I loved that he was himself with Millie and even though he knew that he should be more formal with her he just couldn't help himself. It was really cute how he even gave her a nickname and often encouraged her to use is given name. John was unafraid of what others thought and I loved that even though he was of a higher class he still wanted to spend time with Millie. His character was just a genuine good guy who saw Millie for who she was rather than that she was from circumstances beneath his own.

Millie was an extremely likeable heroine, and I was rooting for her from page one. I found her to be brave and strong. I thought that her character was extremely kind and selfless. She was willing to live without her true love John because she felt that he was too good for her and above her station in life. The fact that she would sacrafice her love and happiness for him and truly wished for him to be happy with his betrothed spoke volumes of her character.

This prequel sets up the Cupid, Texas series and it could not have done a better job. I really felt the connection and emotions between Millie and John, and their story was wonderful. There were so many obstacles in the way for these two, and at times the story was absolutely heart breaking. But I loved seeing how true love really can conquer all and overcome anything. If you are looking for a truly sweet and easy to read romance this story is an absolute must read! I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the Cupid, Texas series as well as many more from Lori Wilde in the future.

**ARC provide by Publisher**

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  1. I love Lori Wilde's books.. I highly recommend them all.. You will get a good story every time..