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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Silver Heart by Victoria Green

Silver Heart by Victoria Green is a sweet story that is not only heartwarming but leaves you feeling happy and smiling. This story is one of my favorite tropes, second chance love, but it is different than others that I have read before. I really enjoyed this story and thought it was a great way to lose myself for a few hours. This one was a pretty quick but very satisfying read. I really liked the characters in this story and I thought that they were all interesting and likable. This book was well written and makes me want to read more from Victoria Green in the future.

After graduating from college, Silver goes on a week long trip with her best friend Maddie before continuing her education in med school. She has always had her life planned out for her by her parents, but decided she needed a week for herself. They end up running into Sawyer, who Silver grew up with but hasn't seen in six years. He was never good enough for her in her parents minds, and they did everything they could to keep the two of them apart. But Silver and Sawyer were determined to spend as much time together as they could despite how her parents felt. After losing his sister, Sawyer left town to pursue his dream of being a professional snowboarder leaving Silver behind. Silver and Sawyer both felt more for each other than friendship but nothing had ever happened between them. Sawyer was determined to make his dream come true, but also he didn't want to hold Silver back from her dreams. Silver has tried to move on with her life, but finds herself unhappy with living everyone else's dreams but her own. When Silver and Sawyer begin spending time together during the vacation, they both quickly realize that six years has not changed the connection between them. Sawyer sets out to convince Silver that they belong together and that letting go and losing control for once in her life is worth the risk. But with Sawyer pursuing Olymipic gold and Silver trying to figure out what to do with her life, can they possibly have a relationship together?

I really liked Sawyer. He was sweet and kind, as well as sexy and athletic. I loved how patient he was with Silver and how he really helped to bring her out of her shell. He was able to help her see what it was like to open up to life's possibilities and truly be happy. I loved watching as he taught her how to snowboard and I thought it was great how even though a lot of time had passed, they were still really compatible together. They might not have been the same people they once were, but they clearly belonged together and had an easy and natural connection to one another. Silver was a likable heroine. She was sweet and smart, and I liked that she was able to open up and have some fun. She was a really great friend and I liked how she was determined to let Sawyer pursue his dreams even if that meant that she couldn't be with him. Sawyer and Silver not only had an undeniable connection, but they had a lot of chemistry and attraction. You could really feel just how passionately they cared for each other and just how deep their love went.

Overall, I thought that this was a great book. Silver and Sawyer were really a perfect couple and I was so glad to see that they got their HEA and second chance at love. These two deserved to be happy together as well as have all their dreams come true. I liked the supporting characters as well, and I was glad to see Silver's brother Adam come around from how he was at the beginning of the story to who he was at the end. I did think that the pacing was a bit slow at times, and that caused my attention to wander a bit. But other than that, I found this one entertaining. This story was about forgiveness and second chances, but also about finding your true self and not letting others determine the life you live. It was nice to see the characters grow and figure things out together as well as individually. I would recommend this story if you are looking for a cute and quick read with a happy ending. I think that this is the first book I have ever read about a snowboarder, and was nice and different from the usual heroes that you often find in New Adult reads. I think that a lot of readers can identify with many things in this story and it is worth the read. I look forward to reading more from Victoria Green in the future.

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  1. Silver and Sawyer sounds like an awesome couple / love story. I love it when a romance blooms from a friendship, too, it's prob my fav kind of love story. I def. want to give this one a try! Glad you liked it, Casey!

  2. Great book.. Can't wait to read it..