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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens by Melanie Karsak

I became a fan of Melanie Karsak's writing when I read about Lily Stagazer in her Airship Racing Chronicles. Therefore I knew I would probably enjoy Lady Macbeth. It has elements of historical and paranormal romance, both of which I love to read, plus it is by a favorite author.

Enjoy it I did! Book 1 in a planned series of 3, Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens tells a very dark, compelling tale about Gruoch, the future wife of Macbeth, king of Scotland. History, literature, stage, and screen have depicted Lady Macbeth as ruthlessly ambitious and possibly insane. In Lady Macbeth, I read about a young woman, struggling to claim some control over her own path in life.

Gruoch is the daughter of a nobleman, so her place in life is determined by those in power. On the day she was born, her father marked her for the gods to use to someday destroy his enemies. In her teens, she waits for King Malcom to determine her husband.

Before others have a chance to enforce their will on her life, Gruoch becomes a sister, one of nine, in a coven, learning the mysteries of the old ways and of the Goddess Cerridwen, who's name she assumes. She learns of magic. She learns of her past life. She finds there are so many more mysteries in life that she can pursue. It is a life that is far removed from what King Malcom would have her live. And as Cerridwen, she finds her soul mate.

But in a great story, nothing good last forever. Cerridwen finds her control over her own life's direction is soon circumvented.

I relished seeing Cerridwen (for this is the name I now call her) grow in her belief and her abilities as a person of magic. Whether you call her witch, wizard, or enchantress, it does not matter. Cerridwen quickly matures into a woman of both ability and wisdom. Thought she still has much to learn, I found I was intrigued with her development - both as a person I would like to know and as a character I want to read about.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Wyrd sisters. Yes, they are included in this story, as they are included in Shakespeare's play. Lady Macbeth describes a history of this Celtic Trinity, that I had not read about before. Fascinating, I hope to see more of them in Ms. Karsak's books.

Another engaging character is Sid. She is one of Cerridwen's sisters in the coven. Sid is amazingly connected with all things mysterious and unexplained. She has such a joyous and peaceful bearing that you can't help but want to listen to every word she says. Sid is a character that needs a HEA in this series - if you ask me.

Lady Macbeth, is pretty much driven by the character of Cerridwen. Luckily she is a complex and mysterious young women. And there is quite a tale to tell. If one is familiar with history or with Shakespeare's Macbeth, you know there is much more to come. I doubt it will play out anything like I might imagine. But I can't wait to find out! Lady Macbeth: Daughter of Ravens is the first book of three in the planned series.

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