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Saturday, November 14, 2015

ARC Review: Untamed by S.C. Stephens

I will admit that it took me awhile to get into this book and I was pretty worried when I first started reading Untamed. As much as I love the Thoughtless series by S.C. Stephens, I was having a tough time with Griffin at the start of this book. Thankfully I stuck with it and things got so much better. I will warn that this book isn't all happy times and there were some pretty emotional moments here. While this wasn't my favorite of the series, I did enjoy it and it was great to see all our favorite D-Bags and their women again. 

When the D-Bags made it big, bassist Griffin Hancock knew that it was his destiny. He had been born to be a rockstar and it was only a matter of time before the world saw how awesome he was. Though Griffin is in the most famous band in the world and has a beautiful wife and family, the one thing he doesn't have is to be the star in the spotlight. Tired of living in Kellan Kyle's shadow, Griffin is determined to show the world that he is the real star. But when the guys refuse to let him take any of the spotlight, Griffin makes a shocking decision that changes everything. Though his wife Anna tries to stand by his side and support him no matter what, the more things continue to spiral out of control. Before long everything begins to slip through Griffin's fingertips and he might lose everything and everyone that he cares about. 

I had such a hard time with Griffin at first here. He was over the top and cocky, almost to the point of me completely disliking him at times. While I felt for him and saw what it was like at times, there were others that he just alienated everyone around him as well as the reader. Griffin has always been different, and I love that about him. But I felt like he was almost made to be a complete character here at the beginning if that makes sense. Some of the things he said and did didn't ring true for me and it was sad to watch. I did understand how he was feeling though, and I was really mad at the other D-Bags because it felt like they didn't take his feelings seriously here. He was trying to tell them that he felt like he was the odd man out and was trying to find his place, and while his methods and ideas weren't the greatest, I felt like they should have handled it differently. They were mean about it and didn't seem to really care about him at all. My heart especially broke for him with how Matt treated him. I don't agree with everything that Griffin did when it came to Matt and Rachel, but I really felt like Matt was the most to blame for how quickly things soured with their relationship. All of these characters have so much pride and it was clear that no one wanted to be the one to apologize and grovel. While Griffin definitely had things to apologize for, I felt like he wasn't the only one that needed to and it really sucked that he was the only one that really did in the end. 

I loved the fact that Griffin made such progress, and towards the end of the book I could not have loved his character more. He really turned his life around, and it was so good to see that he realized what was truly important. No matter what the outcome was with his career and future with the D-Bags, I was so glad that he knew without his wife and family nothing mattered. While I was glad that he figured that out, I will say that I wasn't completely happy with how things ended here. Griffin and the guys were okay with the direction things were headed for the future, but to me it was a little bittersweet. While things ended on a happy note, I didn't really care for the huge change that things took here. On the surface it seems like a win for everyone, but it also just felt wrong to me. As a fan of this series throughout the previous books, it didn't really sit right with me and unfortunately changed everything. So while I was happy with Griffin's growth and progress, I can't say that I was happy with where things ended up here overall. I think that fans will love seeing Griffin and the D-Bags here though, and if you are new to this series this could possibly be read as a standalone. I would really recommend reading these books in order though, as it really allows you to see just how far Griffin has come and everything that has happened to get to where they are here.

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