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Sunday, September 4, 2016

ARC Review: Dirty Talk by S.L. Scott

I have really enjoyed everything I have read from S.L. Scott. She is a great writer and her stories are always filled with emotion, keeping the reader entertained from beginning to end. Dirty Talk was another really great story from her, and I really enjoyed how sweet and sexy this one was. 

Jane and Luke loved each other, but then everything fell apart. Now they are both trying to live their lives, but can't let go of what they once shared. So when a project comes up where they must work together, Luke is determined to get Jane back. But after everything that has happened, can these two find a way to trust one another and have a future together, or will there be too much hurt from their past for them to take a chance? 

I really liked Luke and Jane. They were both easy to relate to, and felt so real and genuine. It was easy to see their history and the love they shared, but also the fact that their connection had never gone away. After all they had been through, their feelings felt as strong as ever. Their chemistry was great right from the start, and it really felt as though these two were meant for one another and had been all along. Luke was sweet and sexy, and I loved how he was with Jane. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this second chance romance. It was a really sweet read, and I found myself easily lost in the story. I didn't want to put it down, and I had to know what would happen for these two. If you are a fan of S.L. Scott's, this has everything that makes her books so easy to love and I think you will really enjoy it. If you are new to S.L. Scott's books, this is a great place to start as it is a standalone story that has everything that she does best. While this book is related to Sweet Talk (formerly titled Models on Top: Danny), you do not have to read that one first to enjoy Dirty Talk. I am already looking forward to seeing what S.L. Scott writes next.

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