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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ARC Review: Dream Maker by Erin McCarthy

I have been a fan of Erin McCarthy's for years. I have really enjoyed a lot of her books, and she is one of the first authors that I read when I began to read romance novels. That being said, I was not a fan of the first book in this series and I had quite a few issues with it. I was hoping for better here, and while there were some things I liked, this one left me with mixed feelings as well. 

Shane is determined not to be like his father, so he doesn't do commitment and doesn't get emotionally involved. So he has no problem helping Avery out when she needs it, but that is as far as he is willing to let things go. Avery has her own agenda, and nowhere on it is falling for Shane. But Shane and Avery quickly realize that what they thought they wanted and had planned are no match for the growing connection between them.

I will admit that a lot of what I struggled with here were the characters themselves. While I wanted to love both of them, I had some issues with things that they each did. I especially had some issues with Shane in the second half of this book. He got pushy and I didn't like the way he was acting or treating Avery. Avery was hard for me to warm up to, and I never fully did. I had a hard time relating to her, and I found the fact that she had been in a relationship for so long yet was as inexperienced as she was to be unrealistic. 

Overall, I am beginning to think that this series is just not for me. I think a lot of people will really enjoy it, but it seems to just not fit for me. The characters are a bit on the immature side, and I just haven't been able to connect with either couple in this series so far the way that I would like to. If you are a fan of Erin's or if this one sounds like something you might like, I recommend giving it a shot. I have enjoyed a lot of Erin's books and she is a talented writer, so I think that maybe this series just doesn't work for me personally.

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