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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seduction Squad by Amanda Stewart

I should've known a book with a name like "Seduction Squad" might give me some very weird vibes. I'm not even quite sure what to say about this book.  It was kinda hot but might also kinda freak you out.

Sooo, this book begins with the capture of a "operative" on the seduction squad. And if you're thinking, is a seduction squad a group of women who use their sexuality to complete top secret quasi-government missions- yes. Yes, it is. So, ok, there's that and honestly I wasn't much a fun of that particular concept. Then there is Inge, the aforementioned captured operative. Inge is trained in lethal seduction (ok, I almost can't even type that without rolling my eyes) and is captured by Jake. Jake is ice cold and is evenly matched with Inge in terms of his ability to manipulate captives to get what he wants. So from the beginning of the book we have a battle of wills. Inge is looking for any way to get to Jake so she can both protect her own secrets and elicit his. 

In the end Inge figures out a way "in" to Jake that winds up exposing both Inge's and Jake's dark side. I was kind of confused about how Inge guessed at exactly what turned Jake on. I mean I know it was her job and all but there was just no hint of the weakness that ultimately did Jake in. Anyway, Inge and Jake both want the same super freaky thing. When Inge uses her knowledge against Jake, she also somewhat inadvertently gives him access to what makes her tic. As you may have guessed, Jake and Inge bond over their shared freaky tendencies. They discover that they actually enjoy each other despite the whole inconvenient 'I may have to kill you' thing. 

There is some simulated (kind of) forced sex and even breath play. Simulated forced sex doesn't really bother me but it might not be your thing. I'm not really into breath play but again it wasn't a trigger for me like it might be for others. More than some of the more taboo features of this book, what I didn't totally love was just the lack of a story. I like all the steamy stuff and I wasn't mad at the author for giving it to us, I just needed a little more story to fluff it up.

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