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Monday, June 19, 2017

ARC Review: Blackmailing the Bad Girl

My feeling the whole time I was reading this book was that 'I should like this more.' I'm usually really into redemption books featuring heroine's who have gone astray. I also like a little bit of coercion every now and again like you find in the blackmail books. So I thought for sure this book would be for me but something just didn't quite click. One possibility is that this is the second book in a series. This book is promoted as a standalone but based on what I now know, there might be information in the preceding book that would help to put this book in better context. I haven't read the first book so I'm speculating but based on some of the other reviews I've read, this seems accurate.

I don't have very strong feelings about this book so I'll keep my review brief. If you've read the synopsis of the book, it's accurate. There are no major surprises. There are a few plot twist but nothing you can't guess based on what comes before it in the book. Nik is a likable character. Yes, he got scammed by Summer but his desire for her is genuine. The fact that he never forgot Summer and still wants to save her (even though that is not at all how he sees it at first) kind of made you feel like, awwww, true love endures. Or something like that. 

Summer, on the other hand, is NOT a likable character.  It took Summer too long to come to terms with what she wanted. Also, I can't stand a character who wrongs another character and then acts like they are the ones suffering. Nope. You did the crime so get off your high horse convict. The chemistry between the couple was sufficiently dictated but it was hard to overcome Summer's character flaws. You can't really root for a couple when you don't like one half of the couple.

The last thing I will note about this book is that it kind of mixes subgenres: Blackmail, enemies and lovers, boss and subordinate etc. That's ok if it's done well but I kind of felt like there was some confusion here. It was almost as if the author couldn't make up her mind exactly what she wanted to do so she wound up not really doing anything. This is an ok read if you like this author. If you're new to this author, I would suggest starting with something else.

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