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Friday, June 2, 2017

ARC Review: One Taste of Angel by Violetta Rand

I'm not really sure what the appropriate numerical rating for this book is. I have very mixed feelings about what is a very mixed bag of a plot. As you may know, I'm an MC romance fan so this book certainly started off on the right foot with me. I'm just not sure if we were able to maintain a positive relationship as the story went on. I found myself less than excited about some of the plot twist and the choices the characters were making just left me alternating between scratching and shaking my head. So I don't know what to tell you about the stars but read this review and read the book in light of what I've told you.

So Angel is a stripper/virgin who is hiding a really big effing secret. She gets hired for a party in her former hometown. Things get out of hand and she is rescued by Eagle. Eagle happens to be the love of Angel's life who she escaped years ago to protect him (more on that later). Angel faked her own death and had some pretty major reconstructive surgery so that no one would recognize. Her face rearranging was apparently quite effective because Eagle doesn't recognize Angel as is his one true love. But what the eyes don't see, the heart recognizes (or so it would seem) because Eagle is instantly attracted to his long lost love.

Eagle is a bad ass biker. He checks all my man boxes- sexy, bossy, dirty mouth and a bit on the violent side. Check, check, check and wrap it up, I'll take it. Eagle focuses on Angel (who is going by Seraphina while she has the new face) and sees her as his opportunity to finally let go of the past and step into the present. And look, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. To quickly summarize the rest of the book, Eagle figures out who Angel is in a stupid way. Everyone accepts Angel's reasons for disappearing even though her disappearance sent the MC into a war where brothers died because of Angel's failure to communicate. The feud that is brewing between the clubs in the book never really materializes into the kind of drama that it is built up to be. Angel and Eagle have some hot steamy sex but there relationship is basically developed in a book that we're not reading so we're a little left out of the intensity of it.

Like I said I don't really know what an appropriate rating for this book is. It's definitely not bad but some of the puzzle pieces just didn't fit together well. If you're an MC romance fan, give this one a try but temper your expectations.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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