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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

ARC Review: Clipped by Remy Blake

I really give this book about 2.7 stars but I rounded up to 3 stars. I absolutely did not love this book. I didn't hate it....but I didn't love it.

This is kind of standard contemporary romance fare. I picked it up because it had a "twist" that I thought I would enjoy. The heroine, Avery, had been bullied in high school for being OCD. In fact, the hero, Wes, was one of Avery's former tormentors. I had really hoped this book was going to be kind of a redemption story because I love to see characters who had it rough in the past turn things around. The problem for me was that Wes acted like the same exact childhood bully at times in the story. It completely turned me off. A good example is one of the opening scenes of the book. I won't tell you exactly what happens but Wes' behavior was not just some of the same bullying, it was also ridiculously immature. I was like 'wait, how old are these characters again?'

And then there is Avery. Even though Wes is boorish, arrogant and has a really...truckerish sense of humor, Avery is constantly suffering from an irresistable attraction to him. And I get it, I really do. I have been attracted to some complete jackholes. The struggle is real when it comes to really attractive men with horrible personalities but Avery, girl! Pull yourself together. If the dude takes something painful and awful from your past and makes it a public joke, murder those dumb ass butterflys in your stomach and at least maintain a firm scowl.

Ok, I think I liked this book even less than I thought. The more I think about it, the more Wes and Avery's reaction to him irritates me. If you love all things enemies to lovers, you might want to try this. I think there are better enemy to lover romances out there for you to try.

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