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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ARC Review: Ready to Run by Lauren Layne

Yet another wonderful Rom-Com by Lauren Layne. Lauren Layne is one of those author I will no matter what always read. Even when the story or trope isn’t one I usually enjoy reading, like this one Reality TV I can’t stand and The Bachelor TBH I think is stupid, I was worried how LL could pull it off and for me to enjoy it but just like with sports romance I enjoy the cheesy romance version better the real life version.  My love for LL’s Rom-Coms is strong and I am so glad I read it. LL transitions well from Big City Romance to Small Town Romance and oh what a small town it is. Full of quirky well-meaning busy bodies that bring so much to the story. An active setting that is very well done and a romance that leaves you swooning.

 Jordan Carpenter is an up and coming T.V. producer and the one thing she needs to make or break her career is finding the new Bachelor. Well not "The Bachelor" but along the same lines except that the potential groom for the show needs to be runaway grooms. Men who have left their fiancées at the altar and Jordan has found the perfect one. So far Luke Elliot has left three women at the altar, yet he still seems to be the town's darling boy, a well-liked and still a very much sought after fireman. To Jordan and her boss he is the perfect choice only one problem he doesn't want to do it. Jordan goes to his small town in Montana and says she won't leave until he agrees. Only now that she's there she realizes that he's not just perfect for the show but for her too, because Luke isn't what he seems he's better.

Jordan and Luke have this great chemistry that confuses them at first so they start out not friendly but the more Jordan digs into Luke's past, and it is quite the past, the more she likes him and the more that Luke sees of Jordan and sees she’s not what she seems either, it also helps that everyone in town is pushing them together it's not hard for them to finally give in. But Jordan loves her job, and her job depends on getting Luke on the show where he will met a dozen other woman for him to pick who to marry. Luke won’t do the show no matter what his past is that the past and he’s not willing bring his ex-fiancées into this mess, he is willing however to help Jordan face her demons, but can Jordan give up her career she has work so hard for, for man?

Overall, the story is funny and enchanting and I can't wait for more.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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