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Thursday, October 26, 2017

ARC Review: Immortally Yours by Lynsay Sands

The 26th installment of the incredible world of the Argeneau’s by Lynsay Sands. We take a pause from the mad scientist down in South America and as much as I like it taking a step back from it and doing something else was a nice change of pace. We once again find ourselves in Canada with Mortimer and his mate Sam. A new hunter from Spain Beth was adopted into the Argenis family after her transition over a hundred years ago. Elisabeth “Beth” is a British born woman who’s had an arduous past and has actually accepted it and moved on, it’s a shame Scotty hasn’t. Scotty was one of the ones who saved her after she was changed and for the last one hundred and twenty-five years he has been keeping his distance from her telling himself he is giving her time to heal.

Cullen “Scotty” MacDonald is the head of the British Hunters he’s lending a hand to Mortimer who is stretched pretty thin since most hunters are in South America. While he’s there he is going to check up on Beth and maybe quite possible finally claim her as his life mate. Mortimer assigns Beth, Scotty, and hunter trainee Donny to a sensitive mission, the daughter of the Russian immortals is attending school in Vancouver and has begun feeding “off the hoof”. To prevent her death and subsequently a huge, bloody international incident Beth is supposed to talk to her to make sure she knows she’s breaking the law by feeding directly from the source. Beth has had many close calls being a hunter for so long but two attempts on her life in one day seems to hinky for Scotty to just let it go as coincidence. 

The more time Scotty spends with Beth the harder it is to resist the urge to mate, and the more he realizes he never knew who she was really. All this time Scotty was telling himself he was doing it for her but deep down he was having a hard time accepting what she was in her mortal life. Beth has had time to accept what has happened to her and to accept everything about her past but when she learns that Scotty has known that she was his life mate all this time, she feels rejected like he didn’t want her because of it. Beth and Scotty have come a long way and still have quite a bit to tell each other before they can fully accept each other. But this new baddie who has targeted Beth forces their hand to reveal everything. Can Beth forgive Scotty for his past treatment and can Scotty embrace Beth for everything she is and has been in the past?

Overall, this was a good one. Just when you think the situation couldn’t get any worse it does. Poor Beth and Scotty they go through so much emotionally and physically, this is an exciting and emotional read.   

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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