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Monday, November 20, 2017

ARC Review: Bodyguard by CD Reiss

Bodyguard is the second book in the Hollywood A-List series, but each book can be read as a standalone story. While the first book wasn't my favorite, I wanted to read more from CD Reiss. I have heard such good things about her books, and while I have since read and enjoyed other books by her, this one wasn't my favorite either. I think maybe this series is just okay for me, but that won't keep me from reading other books by her. 

Emily enjoys her fame and the perks that come with it, until it also brings back her dangerous ex. Bodyguard Carter Kincaid is the best in the business, and beyond sexy. But with Emily being his new client, things between them are off limits. The more time they spend together, the more the lines start to blur. But Carter has his own past and secrets, and being with Emily would mean letting her in. 

I thought that Carter and Emily did have chemistry and I could feel the attraction between them. However what I lacked was a real connection and any kind of depth. Both were likable characters, though Emily did get on my nerves. It drove me nuts how she seemed to have no regard for her safety and was constantly putting herself in danger by ignoring Carter's rules. (I will admit that this is a common problem for me with bodyguard stories, but it tends to happen in so many of them) While I liked Carter, there were a few times that I felt he was a bit over the top. 

The other thing I was missing besides the connection between Carter and Emily was between Carter and his son. It didn't really seem like he was that close to his son, and I missed that bond. (This was a problem I had with the first book as well.) I also felt like this story was a bit slow, which also didn't help my attention span. There wasn't much going on in the story except for what felt like too much angst and drama at times. I wanted more, and it just felt like something was missing. I have really enjoyed other books from CD Reiss, and this won't be the last I read from her. I just think maybe this series isn't for me, but I do recommend giving it a shot if you think it might be one you would like, especially if you were a fan of the first book.

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