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Sunday, December 10, 2017

ARC Review: Virtue by Victoria Vane

As a woman in love with Scotland and the romanticism of days past, I cannot express how excited I was to immerse myself in this Historical Romance by one of my most favorite authors. As someone who's had the pleasure of seeing the wonder of the highlands, the culture, and beauty I loved every moment devoted to reading this piece of literature. Victoria Vane stuns and wows with lush, vivid imagery; painting pictures with deep and fascinating depictions of setting from page to page. With the introduction of each character and their subsequent development I found myself falling ever so deeply. 

Alexander, our hero as a Scottish highlander is brave, honest, kind, and intelligent. He is also alarmingly beautiful, both in and out, ensuring that every reader will fall for his endearing nature and handsomely described physical attributes. As a man on the path to take vows at a monastery and an orphan, he has never held himself above others, never wanted for anything, never truly capable of understanding the human proclivity for selfishness or revenge. However, with his freshly assigned post as a tutor for a young man who has ties to one of the former Scottish kings, a chance to learn of his past arises and with it comes danger as secrets are uncovered. As Alexander's lineage and past come to haunt his every waking moment, he realizes that his fate may not lie with the Monks at Portmahomack Monastery, but as a man destined to save his people by right. What's more, the potential for experiencing the wonder of life through hearth, love, and sacrifice begin to weave into his path, should he yield to them. 

Lady Sibylla, a beautiful and headstrong maiden, with wits that induce coy smiles and audible laughter brings light and tenderness to a world filled with deceit, hate, and treachery as she gives her heart and hope to Alexander. She is bright and forthcoming, with a heart of gold and a fearless strength. As she attempts to reconcile with what is expected and what must be done to preserve her way of life and save her family, she finds herself in an unexpected position steeped in harsh reality with hard choices begging to be made. 

As these two strive for passion, safety, and truths their fates intertwine into love despite the danger and heartbreak that may lay waste to everything they hold dear. The journey is as painful as it is wondrous and watching their love unfold amidst the murderous intentions, nefarious acts, and traitorous dealings as England and Scotland come to a head while Scotland fights for freedom and liberation of their country will hold you in place until the final page is turned.

If you have any love for rich and beautifully written stories full of love with historical settings and elements, this book is most certainly for you. I always love Victoria's work, and Virtue is no exception. From the main to the secondary characters, I couldn't help but become inexplicably attached to each and every one, their fates a constant concern for me. The feelings having been stirred by this historic tale enveloped in romantic fiction is a story to behold. It takes talent to manage both, to create a world so full of life with a dose of reality thrown in and this book provides the reader with the chance to learn and enjoy a tale of love simultaneously. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the next installment!

**ARC Provided by Author**

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