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Monday, April 16, 2018

ARC Review: My Unexpected Love by Heidi McLaughlin

My Unexpected Love is the second book in the Beaumont Next Generation series by Heidi McLaughlin. While this could technically be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading Holding Onto Forever before this one as I think it will help the reader really understand the characters better here. That being said, it isn’t necessary to read it or the Beaumont series to enjoy this one. 

This is Elle James and Ben Miller’s story. They have been best friends since they met in high school, and Ben has been in love with her just as long. While he has loved her, they have only ever been friends. But after a tragic accident in which she almost lost her sister, Elle hasn’t been the same. Struggling to cope and move forward with her life, Elle turns to parties and alcohol and Ben finds himself unable to help her. So when he gets the chance to head to New York for an opportunity, he realizes that it’s a chance for a new start. 

I will admit that I struggled with Elle here. I found it hard to relate to her, and honestly I found it hard to understand her. I do see how almost losing her sister would be a life changing event that would be cause for some of what she was going through, but honestly that only goes so far with me. She was very self absorbed and it didn’t get much better as the story went on. I felt so badly for Ben an all that he went through with her, trying over and over. He was fantastic. He deserved better than what Elle put him through. If there was one really high point for me in this story, it was absolutely Ben. 

Overall, I liked how things ended here and Ben is worth the read. I just wish that I had been better able to relate to Elle. It was great to see familiar faces though and I love the Beaumont world that Heidi McLaughlin has created. I think fans of this world will enjoy My Unexpected Love and should give this one a shot. While this wasn’t my favorite of Heidi’s, it was worth the read and I always look forward to Heidi’s books.

**ARC Provided by Buoni Amici Press**

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