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Sunday, August 5, 2018

ARC Review: Bedfellows by Lola Leighton

Bedfellows is the first book from Lola Leighton, the sexy alter ego of a popular romance author that wanted to write some steamier stories than what is her norm and I have to say that I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for readers with this new pseudonym. She definitely knocked it out of the park, and I couldn’t put this one down. 

Bedfellows is the story of Will and Sullivan and Adrienne. Will and Sullivan are best friends and have been looking for their perfect girl to complete their family. Adrienne is everything that they want, and yet she is also a traditional girl that has always believed in relationships being between one man and one woman. Can they convince her that they belong together as the three of them? 

I loved the characters here! The friendship and family that Will and Sullivan had made was one that instantly had me invested. I thought that they were perfect for Adrienne and that they all worked so well together. Sometimes with menage stories it feels as though someone is the third wheel, but that wasn’t the case here. It really felt like each character was a puzzle piece necessary to make the entire thing work. They were sexy and sweet, and everything just clicked in every aspect of the relationship growing between them all. 

Overall, I have loved this author’s work before but this new persona got off to a great start and I can see it definitely becoming a favorite of mine! The characters and story were easy to love and root for, and I didn’t want to stop reading once I had started. I definitely recommend this for fans of menage stories and I can’t wait for more sexy reads from Lola Leighton!

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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