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Sunday, October 28, 2018

ARC Review: Consumed by J.R. Ward

A stellar beginning to a new series by J.R. Ward will have you engaged, entertained, and pleading for more while riding the edge of your seat. Anne Ashburn is one hell of a firefighter, a woman that thrives on adrenaline, danger, and saving peoples’ lives. That is, until she isn’t, until a tragedy changes everything, shattering her dreams and vision of self. However, through loss one may find new opportunities for happiness and purpose in unexpected places and chances to nourish love that seemed unattainable before, assuming she can survive her new job. After all, how can a newly recruited Arson Investigator stay alive when the case she uncovers appears to be responsible for a multitude of deadly and unfortunate outcomes?

Not only is Anne an unwilling target for criminals posing threats to her person, but for attention from a former flame, Danny McGuire. She thought that horrifying fire, that devastating loss and trauma, was the untidy and unhealthy ending to their one time tryst many months ago. One thing she never expected, was the Irish man with the beautiful blue eyes who she had once trusted, the one who had killed her career and saved her life simultaneously to be thrown back into her new world, the one she was building without her former companions, co-workers, and could-be-costly career as a firefighter. Furthermore, she certainly didn’t expect to realize that they needed each other. Not only to find peace, but to find a reason to breath, to fight, to live.

With all of that said, I am sure it is no surprise when I say that this book is so well-written. The attention to detail, the world-building, and the setting were absolute perfection; I truly felt as if I were there watching the scenes unfold. I was thoroughly impressed with Anne and Danny, focused on their connection and so saddened by all of the terrors they faced. I believe that their shared trauma and history is what enhanced the story to such an extent that I felt so invested in their characters. The realism spoke to me on a whole other level that captivated, devastated, intrigued, and slayed me all at once. The diction was exemplary; I was completely and utterly riveted from beginning to end with each interaction whether it was between Anne and Danny, or between them and secondary characters. The angst, excitement, danger, fear, hope, love, and twists enthralled me! I felt everything. Truly, this story and all the players provided a stellar framework for a series that I cannot wait to continue. I am impressed and will be one of the first to order the next installment.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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