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Saturday, January 12, 2019

ARC Review: Untouchable by Jayne Ann Krentz

Book three of the Cutler, Sutter, and Salinas series this book is the conclusion to the guys past. This could be read as a standalone their history is explained in each book with the main character personal history as the focus but to get the full effect of hatred these guys have for Quinten Zane I would recommend reading all the books. I have been a fan of JAK for years now so I’m no stranger to Burning Cove or Jack and Winter’s landlady, Arizona Snow, I was so happy to see her.  

Jack Lancaster is special he can see patterns where no one else can its one reason he makes such a good cold case investigator. Winter Meadows comes from a long line of hypnotist it’s an innate talent that also has a long line of screwing up lives so Winter reinvented herself as a meditation coach and a dream guide. Jack has vivid dreams that seem to get away from him and no doctor or sleep expert has been able to help they just think he’s delusional. Jack is skeptical about Winter when he first meets her but one session proved him a believer in her.  After a month he’s already got a handle on his dreams and when he’s in her company he’s the most comfortable he’s ever been. On the night of their first date Winter’s past comes tearing into her living room and tries to kill her. Jack manages to save her but when her attacker mysteriously dies at the hospital before he can talk to the police Jack realizes it was more than just a coincidence and it all goes back to Zane. 

Zane and Jack engage in a mental game of chess as they try and out guess the other. Zane’s plans are finally coming together but first he must get rid of Jack, Cabot, and Max but despite Jack’s lack of police training he is the most dangerous one to Zane and must be taken care of first. However Zane’s first mistake was going after Winter after that it was a back and forth struggle because this time Zane isn’t working alone and Jack and Winter are dodging two mercenaries at every turn. Up and Down the coastline Winter and Jack try and figure out Zane’s end game and how to stop him before he gets away again. 

Overall, I loved this book it was a great way to close that chapter on their past with Zane. I do hope that JAK isn’t done with them yet they are great characters and I’d like to see their business expand to include more investigators, but if not it was a great conclusion. This is written third person, you really think your being omniscient as it has a shared perspective of Jack and Winter and also the bad guys but it still manages to surprise you. I liked the uncertainty of the relationship between Jack and Winter and how hesitant they both were to start or admit anything but once they did they were all in 100% and nothing could stop them or keep them from winning.  

 **ARC provided by Publisher**

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