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Monday, April 1, 2019

ARC Review: Pink Bits by J. B. Heller

I’m a big fan of J.B. Heller and Pink Bits was everything I had hoped for and more! This book had me rolling from the very beginning and I couldn’t put it down. It was the perfect light-hearted and fun read I needed in my life and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great contemporary romance full of laughs and sweetness.

Reagan was so awkward and I felt like she was so easy to relate to. While I don’t go around spouting random facts like she did, I felt like I connected with her because she was real and genuine. She was so relatable for those of us who have awkward moments and a lack of filter, and I think a lot of readers will love her as much as I did! Rhett was amazing. Gorgeous and sweet, he saw Reagan for what she was and appreciated her special brand of crazy. I couldn’t get enough of him and he was perfect for her. These two had a ton of chemistry and will have readers unable to stop reading once they start!

Overall, this was a fantastic story and readers will love Reagan and Rhett! J.B. Heller has become a favorite of mine, and Pink Bits was everything I’ve come to love and expect from her. This one was so much fun to read and I can’t wait for more from Heller! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up!

**ARC Provided by Author**

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