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Friday, April 19, 2019

My First Love Event with Katee Robert

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her 2015 title, The Marriage Contract, was a RITA finalist, and RT Book Reviews named it 'a compulsively readable book with just the right amount of suspense and tension."  When not writing sexy contemporary and romantic suspense, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her children, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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When I look back to my first loves, there’s really one standout. I had a lot of fictional crushes. Damon from Vampire Diaries (he’s so damn evil in the books and I love him for it), George from The Song of the Lioness quartet (who doesn’t love a rogue?), and we can’t forget about Gambit from the X-Men (again with the charming rogues). But there’s one standout for me because of the way he affected my life as a general whole—and still does when it comes to my reading and writing tastes.

Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes, I know. Shhh. I had step-brothers who were super into WWF and I went from being totally cranky about it to getting completely caught up in the storylines and invested in the characters.

Every time Stone Cold Steve Austin came out in those tiny little shorts, his shiny bald head and thick thighs, and shotgun a beer…my little nine-year-old heart went pitter-patter. In hindsight, part of the reason I was so into my first husband was because he bore a passing resemblance to Steve Austin (big bald guy with thick thighs). Fun fact: a lot of the traits I found so awesome in fiction… Less awesome in reality.

The burly, cranky alpha type still does it for me in books that I read and write. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing him be cracked wide open by the person he’s into, most of the time despite his best efforts. Grumpy heroes remain my kryptonite!

Princess Camilla Fitzcharles is willing to risk everything to escape her gilded cage of her life. She’s secured an invitation to participate in the Wild Hunt, a deadly game hosted annually on the secretive Island of Ys. This year’s prize is the one thing that can set her free. Cami just has to survive long enough to win it.

Luca has spent the last fifteen years waiting for vengeance. Now the plans are in motion, and there’s no going back. He couldn’t have anticipated Cami, though. She’s an innocent, a reminder of the life that was stolen from him. Something to be protected, not leveraged in this dangerous game.

This year the Wild Hunt has changed. For the first time since its inception, an outsider is named as the White Stag, the prey the rest of them hunt—Cami. She’s on the run and in danger, and Luca will do anything to keep her safe.

The person she needs the most protection from?


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  1. It sounds like a fantastic book, and I love the cover.

  2. Back in the late 80's early 90's it was the WWE and my husband was all into that. I eventually found that I liked watching Randy "Macho Man" Savage! Now our youngest daughter, a senior in college, is into John Cena! LOL!

  3. Sounds like a great story! Can't wait to read it. ❤

  4. there is something about Stone Cold Steve Austin

  5. I love Gambit, with the Cajun accent. Steve Austin. He's interesting. I was more of a Sting fan myself.

  6. Looking forward to reading His Forbidden Desire. Thank you

  7. Congrats on the new release! It sounds exciting.

  8. Haha, love your first love story :)

  9. I have a thing for Damon too. :) I always thought that he and Elena belong together. :)