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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

ARC Review: Three Weeks With a Princess by Vanessa Kelly

Three Weeks With a Princess by Vanessa Kelly was a let down for this reader, I am sorry to say. It dragged on too long for me, and a lot of things said about or in this book was misleading in my opinion.

Lia Kincaid is the illegitimate daughter of a prince and a courtesan. Her grandmother shared the same profession as her mother. Lia is made to grow up in the country raised by her grandmother who became mistress to the Marquess of Lendale. Growing up there, Lia befriended Lendale's grandson (or great nephew I can't remember exactly), Jack Easton, and established a school girl crush on him. He was always kind to her despite her lineage and looked out for her well being.

Unfortunately for Jack, upon the demise of both his father and grandfather (or great uncle) he must assume the title of Marquess and take over the responsibilities that come with it. In his opinion, this included Lia and her grandmother, much to his own mother's despair. However, since the late Marquess didn't provide anything for his mistress in his will, Lia and her grandmother believe they need to make their own way. Lia determines her only options are to either become an actress (as her mother has recently become) or a mistress. Jack does not like either option, and continually insists that she stay at his country home and he will continue to care for her and her grandmother.

I found I did not like barely any characters in this book. Lia was annoying in her determination to ruin herself. She didn't even try other potential options which may have been possible if she got lucky and put forth some serious effort. Jack and almost every other male in this book were just huge dictators trying to force Lia to do what they believed was best for her. Most of the female side characters had spunk but were also making dumb decisions that seemed completely silly and unrealistic.

I also disliked the flow of the story. Many of the scenes I felt were unnecessary and contributed to an overly lengthy book. I never really felt either character "fall in love". Lia has loved Jack from childhood which is just mentioned as a backstory, and Jack just seems overbearing, and I never felt his over protectiveness turn into love. I was looking forward to this story being a little more involving royalty as the title suggests a princess type is involved. It really didn't come into play very much at all. The three weeks timeline also really didn't match. I know I am nitpicking but it honestly it bothered me.

I am not really interested at all in continuing this series. I may give Vanessa Kelly's work another try someday, but with something separate.

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