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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Seven Nights by Jess Michaels

I just finished Seven Nights and I loved it. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting. I just love second-chance at love stories and this one was really good.

Leah Prescott is a travel writer who has been sent to Escapades, a resort that specializes in creating romantic fantasies for couples. When she arrives she is surprised to see that the resorts owner is none other than her ex fiance Sean. Sean has spent the last five years since Leah left him trying to orchestrate a way to get her back. He finally got her to his island for a week and he's going to show her exactly what she's been missing and he's definitely not going to let her walk away from him again.

I just loved this couple together. They were just hot, hot, hot!

Leah is very passionate about her work and ever since she left Sean, has devoted herself to nothing else. She is still not over Sean, but she definitely doesn't want to get hurt by him again. Leah tries very hard not to succumb to the feelings Sean brings out in her.

From the first scene of the book we see that Sean is still head over heels for Leah and will try anything to win her back. He took the time to create all of these elaborate fantasies in a way to woo her. I really liked Sean, and I loved that he's just so honest about his feelings and motives. He wants Leah back, there's no question about it and he will try everything to make it happen.

Watching these two come together was explosive. Both are still harboring so many strong feelings from their past that everything is just so raw with emotions. I liked that it wasn't just sex between them, it was something so much more.