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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guest Post with Author V.S. Morgan

Today I would like to welcome to the blog author V.S. Morgan. V.S. is currently on tour promoting her book The Gift and has stopped by today to talk about music. Before I give the floor over to V.S. lets learn a bit about her.

V.S. Morgan has lived all over the United States but now calls Minnesota home. She incorporates her travels and experiences into her stories whenever possible. V.S. dreamed of becoming an author from the tender age of eleven after snagging one of her mom’s Harlequins. She writes contemporary, suspense, and paranormal m/m with heart and heat. “The Gift” is her debut publication. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and the Rainbow Romance Writers and Kiss of Death chapters. When not writing, V.S. is playing with her dogs, practicing Kempo Karate, and reading lots of erotic romance.

Places to find V.S:

Does Music Move You?
By V.S. Morgan

I LOVE music. I listen to all types of music, although Rock, pop, and Latin music tends to be what I click to most often. About four years ago, I saw authors listing out the playlists of songs that had inspired them as they wrote their books. As a reader, I thought this was the coolest thing ever. The music added a whole new level to the story, and I often found new-to-me music. Some of my favorite bands today came from exploring these lists.

When I embraced my writing dream, I decided to integrate music into the process. I listen to music to inspire, to visualize (like a movie soundtrack), and to focus on specific feelings such as anger, loneliness, and love.

As I wrote The Gift, I often listened to four songs. “Far Away” by Nickelback was a great song to concentrate on the feelings of loneliness and longing after a separation – important in my reunion story.

“For Your Entertainment” by Adam Lambert reminded me to add some playfulness to the BDSM play in the story. Rafael is a true Dom, but he’s not afraid to add some lightness to his scenes.

To embrace the sensual nature of the work, I listened to “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse and “In the Darkness” by Dead by Sunrise (side band of Chester Bennington, one of the lead singers of Linkin Park).

I recently took a class learning how to make a book trailer. Our teacher pointed us to a wonderful site of royalty free, no fee music. I chose a romantic piece with Spanish guitars fitting Rafael’s background.

However, if copyright wasn’t an issue, I would have used Adam Lambert’s new song “Chokehold.”

Link to The Gift book trailer:

So do you like to associate music with books, either as a reader or a writer? What are some of your favorite songs to do so?

At 22, rancher Wyatt Malone sacrificed almost everything, including the Dom he served and loved, to raise his younger brothers. Now, with the ranch running well, his grown up siblings surprise him with a trip to a Caribbean paradise and a date from Madame Evangeline's 1Night Stand. Taking his courage in hand, he fills out an application that bares his soul for a single night of surrender to a nearly forgotten passion.

Rafael is a Dom without a sub. His desires exceed the available men in the dungeon he frequents and memories of rejected love keep him aloof. Can the submission of a Montana cowboy free him or will the date be nothing more than another meaningless scene?

Places to Purchase:

Rafael blotted his mouth with his napkin and placed it on the table. Wyatt set his fork down and waited. The old familiar energy pulsed between them. Heat zipped through his groin, and he shifted in his seat as his erection pressed against his jeans.

“Wyatt, you asked Madame Eve for a Dominant for one night.” Rafael slid a keycard on the table between them. “If you accept my invitation to play, you will take this card and be in my suite, ready, in fifteen minutes.”

Without hesitation, he reached over and grasped it. When his wrist was grabbed, tugging him forward, Wyatt braced his free hand on the table and accepted Rafael’s lips. At first they brushed, a tease, and then the kiss became a sensual play of tongues. His heart pounded at the taste of curry and tequila. He twirled his tongue around the other man’s and groaned. Rafael’s lips trailed across his jaw and down his neck, stubble scraping across sensitive skin, creating a rasp of pleasure that flowed all the way down his spine.

The Dom followed it with a nip on the bottom lip and then pulled back, twisting Wyatt’s wrist slightly to glance at his watch. Rafael released him and leaned back with a wicked grin. Wyatt’s heart raced.

“You now have thirteen minutes.”


  1. Thanks for posting me today! Looking forward to reading everyone's comments.

  2. I too enjoy music and try to use music as a soundtrack when I write. I look forward to reading your book!


    1. Oh and I tend towards Pop and rock. I'm pretty eclectic.

  3. Great trailer and post. I listen to all types of music but I don't associate music with books.


  4. Yummy yummy yum yum! Love that excerpt. :D

  5. Interesting comments on music to write by. Book is heading onto my 'buy' list
    Little suze at hotmail dot com

  6. Great topic! I usually write with music & the music depends on the scene. I also usually pick 1 main song for the characters.

    Good luck with your sales!

  7. When writing, I absolutely relate music to my story. I don't as much when I'm reading, but sometimes I'll listen to a song, and it will remind me of a book I read.

    Lately, I've been using White Coats by Foxes, and Spaceman by Bif Naked as inspiration.

    All the best!

  8. I can't listen to music when reading. It distracts me too much. Perhaps if it were just instrumental it would not do it as much. I tend to get easily distracted sometimes though, LOL.
    Can't wait to read this story, it sounds really good.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  9. Love the comments! Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  10. Sometimes a song will pop into my head while I'm reading, and I enjoy the occasional songfic. I tend to concentrate too heavily on a song or a book to enjoy them at once most of the time, though...