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Saturday, September 15, 2012

ARC Review: My Scandalous Viscount by Gaelen Foley

I admit I was a bit disappointed with this book. After finishing on such a high with the previous book I went into this with high expectations, unfortunately this book just fell a bit flat. I found myself growing rather bored at times and this installment just seemed to lack a bit of the spark the previous book had.

Going into this book I was excited to see how the relationship between Carissa and Beauchamp would pan out. In previous books they had a kind of love/hate relationship. Both are attracted to one another and there is a definite flirtation between the two but neither really likes the other too much. In this book we didn't really get to see any of that, which was a big disappointment. I loved the sparing between these two and I just don't understand why the relationship between them is just so different in this book. It seemed like once they were married everything was thrown out the window and they became completely different characters. Though despite the differences in their relationship, I still enjoyed these two together. In fact, the relationship between them is what kept me reading this book.

Both Carissa and Beau have such an interesting back story that shapes them both in this book. Going in I wasn't the biggest fan of Carissa. I thought you was slightly annoying and a busybody. But once you get to know her and see what she's really all about I found that I really enjoyed her. She gives her love to Beau wholeheartedly and she is unflinching in her feelings.

For me the biggest drawback in their relationship is Beau. While I like and adore him, he also got on my nerves quite a bit. I just wanted him to open up and trust Carissa. It was so frustrating to continuously watch him push her away because he doesn't want to accept his feelings. I just wanted to shake him at times but eventually he does come around.

With this book I just had the hardest time connecting with the plot and everything that was going out outside of Carissa and Beau's relationship. The plot just lacked the intrigue and suspense that was in the previous books in the series. While I did enjoy meeting new characters, which I assume will eventually get their own stories, I just felt like something was missing. I will say, even though I had issues with some of this book, Miz Foley still has a way with sucking me in and making it so that I don't want to put the book down. I am intrigued with what's in-store for the future of this series. I'm curious to see how things will be in future books and I find I can't wait to pick up the next book.

**ARC copy provided by Edelweiss**

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