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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

When I say this book is steamy, I definitely am not mincing words. I forgot just how sexy Emma Holly's books are. Oh my goodness this book is not safe for public reading. Beyond the sexiness of the book I really enjoyed the relationship between Zane, Trey and Rebecca. A lot of times books with a menage theme always seem to come off feeling a bit phony or not realistic, that definitely was not the case with The Billionaire Bad Boys Club. I found that I could not stop reading and it was so hard to put down. I fell in love with Zane and Trey and I just wanted them to somehow someway get their HEA.

To the world Zane and Trey are self made billionaire playboys that do everything together. No one knows the real truth, that they are bisexual men who are in a relationship with each other. Even though they are together they still have outside relationships with women. The one thing these two have never done is invite a woman into their relationship.

Sexy head chef Rebecca has not had an easy life. When she was just sixteen her mother died and soon after her father split leaving her to deal with her seven year old twin brothers. Rebecca quickly learned to never trust or have faith in men. Working to support her brothers through college she doesn't have the time or even any interest in a relationship. That all changes when she meets Trey and Zane.

When Rebecca meets Trey there is an instant connection between the two. Things heat up pretty quickly between the two. But not wanting to put her job in jeopardy, Rebecca backs off. A few days later while meeting up with her brothers Rebecca meets Zane and finds herself instantly attracted but after a few dates realizes that she could never trust him and decides to break things off.

When both Trey and Zane realize that they are both attracted to Rebecca and neither want to let her or one another go, they decide that maybe they should try a triad relationship. They have one week to convince Rebecca that a relationship between the three of them is really worth the risk.

Oh my goodness this book is so freakin' hot! Don't get me wrong, there is more going on here than smoking hot sex scenes. I really loved the relationship between everyone. Everyone has had a very rough past and needed to heal in their own ways. I loved that they were able to help heal one another and work through the pain of their pasts.

This was a great steamy read and I can't wait to get my hands on more from Emma Holly.

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  1. Have you read "Menage" by Emma Holly? How does it compare? I used to love her books, but stopped reading when she got into vampires and faries and such. Glad to know she might be back to her old style.

    1. Yes I've read Menage and I liked this one a lot more. Don't get me wrong, Menage was good but I definitely think this one was hotter. I also didn't feel like anyone got left to the side. I felt in TBBC everyone got equal love and attention.

    2. Then I will pick it up! Thanks for your reply!

  2. This book reminded me of Tymber Daltons Love Slave for Two, excellent story as well as hot scenes. I have to say I liked BBBC better because I love, loved not only Trey and Zane but also Rebecca. She never did anything stupid, outlandish or out of character. She was as lovable and enjoyable as the guys which made this book so ripe with emotion, love and super hot scenes, one of my favorites.

    1. I completely agree. This book was so hot but everything felt true to the characters. I felt a connection between everyone.