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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ARC Review: Fall Into You by Roni Loren

Fall into You was yet another book written by Roni Loren that had me forgo sleep and had me reading well into the early morning hours. I read this book in one sitting and words just can't express how much I enjoyed this book. It's hot, sexy and at times tender. The relationship between Grant and Charli is way hot and I just couldn't get enough.

The chemistry between both Grant and Charli is pretty damn explosive and I kept turning the page to see more of them together. I love that push and pull between them and I just couldn't get enough of the two.

Grant Waters owns and runs an exclusive BDSM resort in Texas and has been looking for a new sub to train for months. No one has caught his eye, that is until he comes across Charli Beaumonde. Late one night he comes upon her after she was in a car crash on the edge of his property. As soon as he gets a look at her he knows he wants her. When he finds out that she's the sister of his old Army buddy and the man responsible for saving his life he knows that she is completely off limits. When it looks like Charli's accident was more than accidental and possibly an attempt on her life, Grant promises Charli's brother that he will keep an eye on her and protect her from harm.

Charli isn't exactly happy about the idea of staying in one of Grant's cabins at the ranch. She is working on a potential big story and doesn't need the complication of Grant standing in her way. He's a big distraction for her and she finds herself deeply attracted to him. Charli has no idea that Grants runs an exclusive BDSM resort, and once she finds out she deeply intrigued and once to know more. Maybe Grant can help help gain more confidence and poise so that she can get the anchor position she so desperately wants.

What starts out as a two week training session soon turns into so much more. The more time Charli spends with Grant the more harder she is falling. Charli never thought anything would come from her "training" but she can't deny she loves it and everything Grant is doing to her. She dreads the end of their two weeks together, she wants more but knows that the demons Grant is battling are holding them both back from being together. The more time Grant spends with Charli the more he's realizing that she may just be perfect for him. Too bad he made a promise to someone in his past that he has no intention of breaking. It doesn't matter how attractive Charli is or how much he wants her, he can't have her.

The inner demons Grant deals with are so gut wrenching and your heart just breaks for him and the pain that he has bottled up inside. I love that Charli was able to break down his walls and help him fight the demons in his past.

Fall Into You is another great addition to the Loving on the Edge series and is definitely my favorite.

**ARC copy provided by NetGalley**

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