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Saturday, June 15, 2013

ARC Review: The Elusive Wife by Callie Hutton

If you enjoy a funny book with a Regency flair and a clever plot twist then The Elusive Wife is the book for you. It is a cute, well written story with charming, flawed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Jason Cavendish, Earl of Coventry, knows that an arranged marriage is on the horizon, but when the word comes for him actually marry he does not take it well. He shows up totally drunk, marries the girl and leaves immediately after. Lady Jane Olivia Grant is not thrilled to be marrying a stranger, but she cooperates with her father’s wishes. She is, however, hugely annoyed when the groom appears in a fully drunken state, then leaves. She takes the bull by the horns by traveling to London to stay with her friend. She proceeds to take society by storm as the new beauty, Lady Olivia, and catches Jason’s rapt attention. Jason does not recognize her because he was too drunk to really see her and he married a girl named Jane. What follows is a fun, but predictable romp where Jason falls for his own wife while feeling guilty about it and Olivia gets her revenge.

The Elusive Wife is not a great book, but it certainly is a good one. It has that traditional Regency feeling with a more modern twist and enough steam to keep most readers happy. Jason was not a bad guy; he was just very far gone into rebellion against a marriage planned by his father. Olivia was resourceful and determined. The story moved along nicely to a very satisfying ending. Readers will definitely enjoy this one.

**ARC provided by the author**

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  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed Jason and Olivia's story.