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Saturday, May 3, 2014

ARC Review: A Song For Us by Teresa Mummert

A Song For Us is the third book in the White Trash Trilogy by Teresa Mummert. This book is Eric's story and can be read as a standalone. I would recommend reading these books in order though so that things aren't spoiled and so that you really get to see how these characters get to where they are at the start of this book. I was really looking forward to this story after reading the first two books. I loved Eric and knew that there was so much more to him than we had previously seen. That being said, this book was not at all what I had been expecting. There were things that I liked a lot, but for the most part I was disappointed with a lot that happened in this book.

Eric's life hasn't been easy. He is in a successful band, and their fame is growing. However he struggles with pain and loss and gets awful headaches. He has become close to Cass and views her like a sister, but the only person he really has opened up to is Sarah. Sarah is in a band that they tour with, and he not only has become friends with her but has developed strong feelings for her. Sarah is also suffering from having had a painful past, and relies on Eric to keep her from hurting herself when she can't handle the pain. Sarah however has taken back her ex and band mate after he cheated on her and is committed to making it work. Sarah and Eric continue to be drawn to each other, and try to repair the friendship that Sarah's boyfriend damaged. The more that Sarah and Eric try to stay away from each other as anything more than friends, the harder it gets and soon they are not the only ones that will be hurt when and if everything falls apart. Can they get over their pasts and begin to heal together? Or will there be too much for them to get over?

I liked Eric. He was sweet and supportive, and he was a good guy. He was surprisingly normal for a rockstar, and I loved that he wasn't a total womanizer like they typically are. He was great with Sarah and was always looking out for her and Donna. I felt like he was really good at being protecting and caring for the women in his life. I did feel like he strung Donna along, and even though he knew what he was doing was wrong it didn't stop him. Donna didn't deserve what happened to her even though I hated her from the previous books. She was a completely different character in this book, and we really got to see her open up and be vulnerable with Eric. I actually thought that she was really good for Eric, and I think that they would have been great together. Sarah was a hot mess. She was suffering from a horrible past that would wreck anyone, but she never really dealt with it. She was able to open up to Eric, and they really understood each other and what they were going through even if they didn't have all the details. Sarah was unable to open up to her boyfriend/ex Derek though, and I thought that that should have told her how she felt. She continued to stick with Derek despite everything that he did and how he treated her. Not only did she stay with Derek, but she would run so hot and cold with Eric and I hated that she treated him like that. She knew her feelings for Eric were more and honestly she didn't even really seem to truly care about Derek. She was emotionally cheating on Derek, and seemed to only stay with him out of obligation and guilt. Eric and Sarah had a great connection and a lot of chemistry, but there was so much between them and I felt like the push and pull got old.

I also felt as though this entire book was about their relationship going from hot to cold, and otherwise there wasn't a lot of stuff that happened. This one was slow at times, and I felt like there were parts of the story that really seemed to drag. I wanted Sarah and Eric to figure things out sooner, and honestly the angst got to be a bit much. This book was good, but it was a lot different than the first two. I knew that this book was Eric's story, but I had also been hoping that some things would be addressed in this story when it came to Tuck and Cass because their story felt unfinished to me. Besides them getting married though, it was as if nothing had happened. All of a sudden everything is fine, and I felt like there were a few really important things that should have been given at least a little bit more attention. I can't really go into more without spoiling anything but there were a few things left that really bothered me and it was very noticeable. I did like Eric, and I did feel like he and Sarah were good together. But the way things played out in this book was not how I had hoped for or been expecting. I think that the ending was in a good place for most of the characters, but it was really the journey there that I felt could have gone differently. If you are a fan of this series, I would recommend reading this one. You get to see more of all the guys and Cass, and we do get to know Sarah and Eric more. But beware that there is a lot of back and forth in this story and also a lot of angst. This one seemed to be darker to me than the first two, even with everything that happened in those books. I like Teresa Mummert's writing though, and she has a way of getting you to become invested in her characters even when they are doing things that you don't necessarily agree with. I am interested to see what else she comes up with in the future and I look forward to reading more from her.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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