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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ARC Review: Jealousy by S.L. Scott

Jealousy is the second part of S.L. Scott's From the Inside Out serial, and picks up right where Scorned left off. These installments need to be read in order, and trust me you do not want to miss a single thing! I couldn't wait to get more of Jules, Dylan and Austin, and Jealousy definitely didn't disappoint. This installment was packed full of juicy goodness, and I loved seeing more of the past as well as the present. If you were on the fence about which team you were on before Jealousy, I really believe that by the end of this one you will be firmly on one side or the other. While I have had my team picked from the beginning, this book really just solidified my love for both Dylan and Austin. While I still stand by my man, I absolutely love them both and want them both to end up happy. (Just one with Jules and the other with someone else.)

As Jules and Austin's relationship begins to get off the ground, Jules still struggles with the reappearance of Dylan in her life. Juliette is finally starting to move forward, but she is also starting to get answers to questions that she has had for the past three years. Jules knows that Austin is a great guy and things are easy between them. If she has a complaint about their relationship it is the fact that he travels so much for his job. But while she is enjoying her time with Austin, she can't help but still feel a pull towards Dylan. Dylan hurt her in the past, but he is back and more determined than ever to win her love again. He will pull out all the stops to convince her that their love is worth a second chance. But will Jules be able to risk her heart again in order to see if the connection between her and Dylan is worth another chance, or will she decide to play it safe and move forward with a happy and healthy relationship with Austin even though she still thinks about Dylan?

I love both of these guys so much. They are both great in completely different ways, and I love how they are not like each other at all. Dylan realizes that he made a horrible mistake, and for the first time really seems to feel the pain that Jules has been living with for three years. He knows how badly he screwed up, and he really seems to be genuine in winning her love back for the right reasons. I think that he is being completely truthful in the fact that he would give up everything for her, and that it all means nothing without her by his side. I think he still has some proving to do, but you can really tell just how deeply his feelings run and how much he cares for her. I loved seeing that he remembers just as much as her about their past and history, and I loved that he made thoughtful gestures rather than grand and expensive ones. It showed that he truly gets her and is in it for her. Austin is impossible not to love. He is smart and dedicated, and has been completely upfront and honest from the beginning. He was patient and kind, waiting for her to be ready to try something between them. They are really cute together, and I love that they can be playful and fun as a couple. They seem to have this natural ease to their relationship, and I think that they work well together. While I think that Jules has chemistry and a connection with both guys, I truly believe that one is more right for her than the other. They are both the right guys and could make her happy, but I think that one belongs with Jules and the other doesn't.

I will admit that the ending of this installment about killed me. It stopped and I literally wanted to scream. I need more. It isn't a want but rather a need, and I am loving these characters so much that I don't want to have to wait. I am not very patient, and these installments are so good that I absolutely devour them and am forced to wait to get more of these characters. I feel like an addict waiting for my next hit, and it can't come soon enough. I really enjoyed seeing more of the past for Jules and Dylan but also seeing how they all are coping with the present. I am really loving the fact that we get different POVs, and I really think it adds to the story. In Jealousy I feel like we are starting to see the whole picture of what happened in the past, and while it is hard to get through it does shed light on the current situation. I will tell you that this does end with a cliffhanger, but rest assured that this is just part 2 of this 4 part story and the rest is coming. I definitely recommend this serial, and anything by S.L. Scott. She is one of my favorite authors, and I know that each time she will deliver a wonderful story that will leave me satisfied with the outcome. I can't wait for more from her, starting with the next installment in the From the Inside Out serial.

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