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Saturday, February 7, 2015

ARC Review: Just Let Me Love You by S.R. Grey

I have been waiting for this book since I finished Never Doubt Me. I love this series that S.R. Grey has created, and the characters are some of my absolute favorites. If you haven't read the Judge Me Not series yet, you should definitely check it out but make sure that you start at the beginning as these are not standalone stories. Just Let Me Love You was a good ending to this series, and I really liked where things ended up for these characters.

JLMLY picks up where Never Doubt Me left off with Chase and Kay headed to Vegas to rescue Chase's younger brother Will. Will has purchased a gun and is determined to take care of his girlfriend Cassie's creepy stepfather once and for all. While determined to help Will, Chase must also face his past and the very things that nearly destroyed him. Will he be able to face his past and put things right without destroying the progress that he has made, or will it be too much for his relationship with Kay to survive?

I really love Kay and Chase. These two could not be more perfect for one another, and they just work so well. Chase still felt like Kay deserved better and that he wasn't enough for her, but I loved that Kay never let him go. She knew what he needed before he did, and I loved how strong she always was for him. In this book we got to see both of these characters start to really face their past and move forward. It was good to see Kay making progress with her mother, and Chase did the same with his family. I thought that things were really great between Kay and Chase though, and I am so glad that these two didn't have a ton of drama within their relationship. They still had the same amazing connection and chemistry as they have always had.

Overall, this was a really good conclusion to the series. The one thing that I wish was different though is that this book focused more on the drama around Kay and Chase, and largely dealt with Chase's brother Will. I wanted more of Kay and Chase, but I was glad that things were resolved and we got to see how everything played out. It was nice to see Chase and Will continue to rebuild their relationship, I just wanted more of the romance that this one seemed to be slightly missing. The end of this book made up for that though, and I loved Kay's surprise for Chase. I thought it was so cute and a perfect way to celebrate their past and their future. I highly recommend this series if you haven't read it, and I have really loved everything that I have read by S.R. Grey. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next, and I know that whatever it is it will be something that I enjoy!

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