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Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: Let Love Stay by Melissa Collins

Let Love Stay is the second book in the Love series by Melissa Collins, and is the continuing story of Maddy and Reid. This book is not a standalone, and should only be read after Let Love In. I was really anxious to start this book after finishing the first and being left with that cliffhanger of an ending. I just knew that Maddy and Reid had a ways to go, and I am really glad that Melissa Collins didn't leave things hanging for long.

Let Love Stay picks up right after Let Love In, with both Maddy and Reid reeling from their argument. They both said and did things that they regret, but know that they have things that they need to work on before they can truly be together. As Maddy and Reid both struggle with their pasts, they must also face what their new circumstances mean for their future.

I was really upset at the end of Let Love In when Maddy and Reid walked away from one another. It broke my heart seeing that sometimes love just isn't enough to make a relationship work. But over the course of Let Love Stay, I realized just how much Maddy and Reid actually needed some space between them at the time. They both had things to deal with, and I think the space and time apart gave them the clarity that they desperately needed. They were able to grow and heal, and deal with things that they had both refused to before. Maddy and Reid of course found their way back to one another, but even then they still had plenty to deal with. Their connection and the chemistry between them was unwavering though, and it was more clear than ever that these two belonged together. I will say that they were a bit more sexual in this book, and some of it was pretty hot. They definitely spiced things up with Reid becoming more dominant in this one, and I really enjoyed seeing them get more comfortable with each other and their desires.

While I did like this book a lot, I will also say that I had a few issues with this one. I felt like much of this story was Reid confronting his past and the issues with his mother. While it needed to be done, I felt like it was a much larger part of the story than I had expected. I couldn't wait to get back to Reid and Maddy and found myself wanting to skim some of it. I also felt that while I was glad that Maddy and Reid loved each other that it got really old hearing them saying it. I don't mind some of that, I mean this is a romance story. But it does become a bit too much when it is literally every page that they are saying it, and sometimes more than once on the same page. Enough already, we get it. I wasn't sure why the author felt it necessary to keep reminding us of their love for one another when it was clear in their actions. I did love getting to meet Dylan and seeing his growing friendship with Maddy and how he and Reid reconnected. I can't wait to see more of him. I also am really interested to get the next book in the series to see what is going on with Melanie and Bryan. These two clearly have a lot going on that we are unaware of, and I am excited to see what it is. Overall, I did enjoy this book and it was great to see how things turned out with Maddy and Reid. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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