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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Review: Choose Me by Heidi McLaughlin

Choose Me is the second book in the Archer Brothers Series by Heidi McLaughlin. These books need to be read in order, so make sure that you have read Here With Me before starting Choose Me or reading this review so as not to be spoiled. I knew that I had to read these two back to back, and I am really glad that I did. I think that the waiting in between would have killed me, and it was really nice to be able to finish the first and move straight on to the second. 

Choose Me picks up pretty much where Here With Me left off. Evan has come home from a six year long mission to discover that his family was told he died. His fiance is now engaged to his twin brother, and his son is calling his brother daddy. Evan is determined to win back his girl Ryley and get to know his son EJ, while also getting answers on what really happened. But Nate isn't willing to let Ryley go easy after everything that they have been through. Nate and Evan are both determined to do whatever it takes to win Ryley for good, even if it means fighting dirty. 

I was definitely on Team Evan when starting this book. I loved his connection with Ryley, and I knew that he had never stopped loving her and she hadn't stopped loving him. Their life together was stolen from them, and it wasn't either one of their faults. My heart broke for them and all they had missed out on. I also really felt for Nate here too though. He never asked to be in that situation either, and it was clear that his feelings for Ryley and EJ were genuine. I never was Team Nate though, even though I really liked him. I just always felt like the true soul mates here were Evan and Ryley. Their chemistry and bond was so strong that I just never saw anyone else for either of them. The one thing that was apparent here though was that no matter who ended up together, it was definitely not easy on any of them and I hated all that they had been put through. I felt so badly for them on one hand, and on the other I was so ready for those responsible to pay. I wanted those that had caused all this pain to suffer and get what they deserved.

While I did like parts of this book and how things ended, I will admit that I was a bit disappointed here. I thought that it took far too long in this book for anything to really happen, and the first 50-75% seemed to just go around in circles. It was all about which brother if either was right for Ryley and EJ, and not a lot happened. Then all of a sudden things started to happen, just for them to be wrapped up too quickly and easily in my opinion. There wasn't the same fire or fight here as I had felt in the first book, and that was something that I missed. I thought that the way things played out while nice, was just too easy and had been wrapped up in a nice bow so that everyone could come out a winner. It didn't seem as genuine as I would have liked, and it felt like it was thrown together so that everyone wins in the end. The ending was rushed and while some things were wrapped up quickly, there were other things left unresolved that I would have liked to have seen a bit more about. I think part of that is that there is going to be more in this series, and I am guessing that Heidi McLaughlin left those things up in the air so that they will be continued as the series goes on. I am interested to read more, and I am definitely curious about Tucker McCoy's book. I can't wait to get answers about what happened to his family as well as hopefully get more of these characters after everything that happened here. I still think that this series is worth the read. I had just been expecting a bit more here that I felt we got.

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