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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ARC Review: Loud is How I Love You by Mercy Brown

I love romance books, and I especially love the NA genre. That being said, I have a special love for rockstar books! There is just something sexy about a rocker! So I was really excited about reading Loud is How I Love You, especially seeing some of the early reviews raving about it! I have to say that it appears that we did not read the same book however, because everything that they loved was not what I found in this book at all. This is Mercy Brown's debut novel as well as the first in this Hub City series, and I am sad to say that this is not one that I will be continuing. 

I got to about 55-60% of the way through this book before throwing in the towel, and that wasn't a decision I made lightly. I hate not finishing a book, so much so that I went ahead and skimmed to the ending just to see what happened. I wanted to know, and yet I had no desire to actually read the rest of the book.

Loud is How I Love You ( I will refer to it as LIHILY from here, because the title is seriously a mouthful!) is about Emmy. She is in college but is devoted to making her band a success. Though she and her bandmate Travis have always been attracted to each other, they are just best friends until they sleep together one night. Of course having sex changes everything and Emmy is worried that it will destroy the band, so she decides that it can't happen again. Travis wants more however and is determined to show her how good they can be together. 

I really liked Travis. He was the highlight of the part I read, and one of the only things I actually liked here. He was sweet and patient, and deserved far better than how Emmy treated him. This guy was seriously great, and it made me sad that the rest of the story couldn't touch how fantastic he was. I liked the other guys in the band as well, though we barely saw them. Emmy however was one of my biggest issues here though. She was whiny and annoying, and constantly prone to panic attacks about how her and Travis being together would change everything. She was so dramatic and irritating. I didn't like her to begin with and the more I read the worse it got. Immature and irrational, it felt like I was reading a YA novel with a childish heroine. She admits to being in love with Travis, and yet she continues to act crazy. She ran so hot and cold, and I hated how it was Travis that suffered because of her stupidity. I seriously wanted him to just move on and forget all about her. 

The biggest problem that I had though was the author's writing style. Unfortunately Mercy Brown tells more than she shows. LIHILY read more like a teenager's diary than a romance novel. I just couldn't get into it or feel invested in the story because of that and the heroine. I actually think that I would have liked it better had it been laid out like it was Emmy writing in a journal or diary, since the writing style would have made sense then. But I so badly wanted to see inside Travis's head and why he kept putting up with Emmy as well as what he was thinking. I got that he loved her, but after awhile I just didn't understand it and unfortunately all we had was Emmy's POV. I also didn't care for how detailed things were at times, and it got to be very boring. There wasn't a ton of dialogue and the story just felt bogged down and slow. This one was just a miss for me and I didn't have enough interest to finish. If LIHILY sounds like something you might like though, it might be worth giving a shot as I saw plenty of other reviews from people who loved it.

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