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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ARC Review: When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz

I love Jayne Ann Krentz, for the exception of a few books here and there I always enjoy her books, When All the Girls Have Gone is no exception. Since JAK has switched back to her normal romantic suspense without the Arcane Society her writing has gotten a smidge darker and grittier, and I like it. It has her normal style the witty banter, exciting action, and a good mystery with some twist and turns. The romance is an easy smooth going one with the story concentrating more on the mystery and suspense aspect more than the romance. The characters, Charlotte and Max, are different sides of the same coin they are similar in how they take life one step at a time but Charlotte is an optimist and Max is more of a realist/pessimist. Max has an interesting backstory that I hope leads to more books with his brothers and adoptive father. Max is a former profiler, but during a high profile case he became obsessed with something from his own past and let it take over his life ruining not only his career but also his marriage. Now a private investigator Max has been asked to uncover the truth behind a young woman’s death. Charlotte and Max join forces and work together trying to find out how everything ties together, where Jocelyn has vanished to, why the investment club members are being so secretive, and how a serial rapist connects them all; a bunch of loose ends that end up in a complicated yet easy to unravel knot by the end.

Louise was murdered and no one seems to care but her young cousin who hires Max Cutler to find out what really happened since the police are satisfied with the easy answer that she overdosed. Jocelyn is missing and Charlotte, her step sister, is now worried that something might have happened to her since Louise was Jocelyn’s best friend. Charlotte didn’t know Louise very well but she is confident that she was murdered. Max and Charlotte start to uncover clues that lead them to believe there is a lot more to the friendship and to the investment group they were part of then they let on. Max’s intuitive and obsessive nature shows him things that everyone else over looks and it leads him right where he needs to be and where to look. Charlotte is good for Max because she understands why he does what he does she has unwavering faith in him and that’s exactly what he needs. The chemistry was there and it was strong but there wasn’t a whole lot of angst between them. They both gave into their feelings easily only hesitant when it came to what future they might have together. 

I enjoyed the dark backstory of Max and I love his adoptive father. The story leaves off on his past and the mystery behind it hopefully where his two adoptive brothers can pick up the storyline. Overall, this was a good read that is very much true to JAK’s stlye.  

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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