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Friday, February 3, 2017

ARC Review: The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken

A modern twist on Cinderella makes for a cute and charming love story with quite a few oddities thrown in. Jane lives with her two ungrateful, lazy, and quite selfish sisters. She is regarded as no more than a mere presence, the likes of which is necessary in order to fulfill her sisters’ wishes, wants, and needs. After a time her weakness became irritating, but thankfully she was able to find love and turn her back on them. I’m going to admit that throughout the book Jane’s concerns about losing her sisters and hurting them, regardless of how shitty they had treated her became redundant, as did Brock’s incessant fit-throwing regarding his inability to deal with his past.

With that said, I ultimately enjoyed the fire and backbone Jane slowly grew into throughout her budding relationship with our hero of the story, which brings us to the aforementioned Brock. Brock is also quite a weak male lead as well throughout the book, and his tantrums pricked at my nerves, but he had humor and sexiness down pat, so I can forgive it. Brock can’t say no to his grandfather, even if it means being auctioned off at an event in order to save face with the shareholders for their rich company. He has no interest in abiding by any of his grandfather’s wishes, but with guilt over the death of his parents and his guilt over the ramifications of saying no to him while knowing that his twin brothers are irresponsible, reckless, and immature…he gives in. Every. Single. Time.

Lucky for Brock, his grandfather is likened to the fairy Godmother here and has a trick up his sleeve. Not only does his trickery and secrecy give Brock back his free-will, but it brings love to his doorstep. Quite possibly, the best aspect of this book was the little details and the plot itself. After all, who doesn’t like farm animals with a mind of their own, an interfering grandfather, two people who NEED to learn to say NO and live their own lives for their own happiness, and two sexy twin brothers who honestly topped the book for me? Oh, and let’s not forget those two bitch sisters getting theirs! Plus, the chemistry between the characters was enjoyable and believable, so there’s that. Furthermore, who doesn’t love humor? This story had it in spades! Therefore, all in all, I’d say give it shot!

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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