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Sunday, April 30, 2017

ARC Review: Arranged by Lexi Blake

This is, I think, my third book from Blake's Master's and Mercenaries series. It's a novella focused on Kash and Day. Kash has appeared in some of the other M&M books and is most well known for being a total manwhore. In fact, early on in this book he wakes up with 3 women in his bed and honestly, it's a bit much. In any event, Kash and Day have history together. And let me tell you, if you start this book out and you think you know what the story with Day is, you  don't, keep reading. Day may seem like the innocent good girl and she is kind of but she is also much more.

By way of history, Kash and Day were friends in the past. There was a hint that the friendship might turn into something different but things didn't work out. The affection between the two main characters, however, is evident from the first mention of them. Life takes another turn in which Kash is going to be King and his Mother selects a wife for him. The wife she chooses is, you guessed it, Day. Day is an excellent candidate to be the first lady of Kash's kingdom, she's spent her life devoted to the people of the island. But Day isn't just someone who is going to go along with the program. She has a mind of her own and a plan of her own.

This book is short but it's a complete novella with a pretty well executed plot. The sex scenes are what you would expect if you know anything about this author- So super hot! There is always a mystery subplot in Blake books and this one is no exception. The mystery was a little half hearted but that might just be because there aren't enough pages to fully develop that kind of thing. What kept this book on my good but not great list was that I didn't necessarily love the twist about Day and Kash was just too much of an over the top whore. Even with that being said, this book represents another high quality entry in the 1001 Dark night series. I haven't gone wrong with one of these books yet.

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