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Friday, May 5, 2017

ARC Review: Daddy's Best Friend by London Hale

Listen, I am by no means a prude. I like some of the most smutty of smutty books there are out there. This book is actually the perfect flavor of nasty for me but...I just couldn't do it with the age difference. You are fairly warned about exactly what this book is before it starts. So in all fairness, this really should be a 5 star review but what can I say? I underestimated the creep factor when i picked this one out and it was more than I could enjoy.

I don't need to give you a synopsis of this book because it's not that kind of read. It's only about 80 or 90 pages so not much a plot. 18 year old Evie has been hot for her Dad's best friend for a few years. Nathan, the best friend, is also hot for Evie. They hook up, it's nasty and super freaky, Dad finds out and is pissed, they move in together, book over. Most of the book is material that will make for great "self date" nights if you are not skeeved out by the relationship (like I was).

There were a couple of things that just made it really hard for me to enjoy this book. First was that Nathan is like 37 hooking up with an 18 year old. I'm 37 and I just couldn't picture or enjoy this. I just found it...distasteful. And then, it's not just love, it's this really over the top super freaky lust. Nathan is obsessive about Evie's P word and over the top possessive. It was just all too much for me. If you are positive that you have no problem with the age and life experience difference and you are a lover of erotic romance, I promise this will be like a 4 or 5 star read for you. For me, issa no.

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