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Monday, July 10, 2017

ARC Review: Bad Boys After Dark: Carson by Melissa Foster

It definitely doesn't need to be said at this point if you follow my reviews, but I LOVE Melissa Foster! She writes fantastic and unique stories that are heartwarming as well as sexy. Carson's book was no exception and this just might be my new favorite of hers. I know I say that with almost every new book of hers, but she just keeps getting better and better! 

Carson and Tawny were close through college but everything changed when Tawny suddenly ended things and left him behind. She married someone else and they went years without speaking. But after the loss of her father, Tawny was forced to look at her life and realized that she had never been able to let Carson go. She got a divorce and spent a couple of years rebuilding her life, but when she saw that his family was doing an event for charity she knew it was time to find Carson again before she could move on for good. But once Carson sees Tawny he knows that he can't let her go again, and he will do whatever it takes to make her see they belong together once and for all.

I absolutely loved these two! Tawny was a character that I very easily related to. Throughout college she had some insecurities about her sexuality and desires and it kept her from really allowing herself to go after what she wanted. But after some age and maturity she really came into her own and I loved that she embraced it all. Carson was really understanding about everything that had happened and I loved that he supported her and made sure to let her know that she should always come to him with questions or concerns. I loved how he placed such importance on communication and being open with one another. It was so refreshing to read about a couple that was mature and faced things head on rather than by hiding things or just assuming the other one would just know without ever being told. They had great chemistry and were super sexy together, and their connection was so genuine and real. I just loved everything about them. 

Overall, this was another winner from Melissa Foster as are all the others I have read from her. I truly felt like this book was one that I could relate to though and I was invested right from the start. I loved the characters and their second chance at love and I couldn't get enough of them together. The more I think about this story the more I fall in love with it and I think readers should definitely check this one out. Melissa Foster is a fantastic writer, always delivering a solid story with unique and lovable characters and just enough sweet and sexy to keep her readers hungry for me. This is one of my favorites from her and I can't recommend it enough!

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