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Thursday, July 13, 2017

ARC Review: Jilted by Sawyer Bennett

I feel like every time I write a Sawyer Bennett review I have to spend some time just fan girling the hell out. I love this author and I think she is tremendously talented and remarkably flexible at storytelling. This is an author that just does not disappoint and who you can count on to deliver strong characters and a compelling plot. Jilted is no exception to the rule that Sawyer Bennett is exceptional.

This book is a 'second chance' contemporary romance. That is not an uncommon genre but Bennett's depiction of Coop and Eden set this book apart and make it memorable. I love that when the books starts, Eden's whole situation is a hot mess. I'm all for fantasy but let's face it, no matter how rich or famous you might be, hot mess happens to all of us sometimes. And it so happens that Eden dealing with her cheating hot mess leads her back home and back to her first love, Coop. Eden encounters shock after shock. First of all, Coop is no longer Eden's high school first love. Coop is a grown man and a boss.

The really interesting thing about this book is that even though Coop has known Eden better than anyone else in the past, there are things about Eden that Coop really did not understand. I loved how Coop slowly discovered Eden as a woman and learned to appreciate what she had been through and how it contributed to the demise of their young love. Once Coop understands the woman he is dealing with, the animosity between Coop and Eden starts to dissipate and they discover that underneath it is burning hot, grown up lust. Coop is a alpha's alpha and basically takes on the whole small town to clear up a misunderstanding about Eden and give her back her home.

There is some predictable drama in this book and even some really funny drama I would not have predicted. What I love is the mutual discovery of Coop and Eden of each other and how they learn to work through whatever their issues are. I love the message of this book that anything can be traded for love and it's always a good deal. The banter between these two characters was charming and sometimes really sexy. The sex scenes were hot. The POV rotates between the characters and you get lots of context for the events in the book. This is great summer read so I suggest you go and get to reading.

**ARC provided by InkSlinger PR**

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  1. I loved this book! You are correct...everything Sawyer releases is great! I loved the part where Eden was first bringing her things into the house! Such great LOL moments!