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Friday, October 13, 2017

Review: Torn by Carian Cole

Torn is the first book that I have read from Carian Cole, and I absolutely loved it! I was first drawn to this book by the sexy cover and the taboo blurb, but this book was so much more than I expected. It was one I couldn't put down, and I cannot wait to read more from Carian Cole after finishing this one. Torn is the first book in the Devil's Wolves series of standalones and from what I have seen this series is also a spin-off of Carian's Ashes & Embers series as well. I can't wait to go back and read all of those as well. 

Kenzi's parents were only 15 when they had her, and with dreams of music careers they needed all the help they could get in raising her. Right from the start, their best friend Tor forms a special relationship with Kenzi. He has always been her protector and the first one she ran to for whatever she needed. As she grew older though that relationship turned into a friendship unlike any either of them had experienced before. But when that friendship starts to grow into more, they both know that the odds are against them. Tor knows that Kenzi is the one for him, but can he get over the fact that she is his best friend's daughter? Can Kenzie show him that what they have is once in a lifetime and worth fighting for? 

I loved these characters so much! I know that a lot of people will have issues with the age difference and the circumstances of their relationship. Let me tell you though that there is no underage sex and things happen naturally. Tor and Kenzi had a truly one of a kind connection that was there right from the start. But they grew and evolved and that connection and bond between them did as well. They knew each other inside and out and understood each other in ways that no one else did. There was nothing that they wouldn't do for each other and I couldn't get enough of them. They were sweet and sexy, but more than that they were just meant to be together in a way that is rare and special. 

Overall, this book was so good and I really loved this world that Carian Cole has created. The characters were interesting and I loved the friendship and loyalty between them all. I honestly loved them all and couldn't wait to go get all the books in the Ashes & Embers series after seeing glimpses of them here. I also can't wait to get to know some of Tor's siblings better as well as the Devil's Wolves series continues. This book is so much more than just a huge age gap and forbidden romance, and I think it is definitely worth the read. If you are on the fence about this one, I recommend giving it a chance as I really do believe that romance readers are going to love this one just as much as I did.

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