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Thursday, November 2, 2017

ARC Review: Darkest Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken

I really don't read much in the paranormal genre at this point, but Rachel Van Dyken is an auto-buy author for me and I have really enjoyed this series from the start. Darkest Temptation is the fourth book in her Dark Ones Saga series, and while each book could technically standalone, I wouldn't recommend reading them out of order. This series is great, but it does build from the beginning and I think some readers might be a little lost at times without starting at the beginning. 

Darkest Temptation is Mason's story, and his is one I have been waiting for! Mason is a werewolf king, and after losing his mate he chose to walk away. He lives his life with his friends and chooses to eat berries and pine cones, though he hungers for more. When Serenity enters his life she is a mess, and as a vampire she is the last person he should want. But there is something between them and both find it impossible to ignore how the other calls to them.

I really loved these two. There was so much more to Mason than we have previously seen, and I loved getting to know him better. I really wanted to give him a hug so many times here, and peeling back his layers made me fall for him even more than I already had with the previous books. Serenity was great as well, and I just felt like these two fit so well together despite all the reasons that they shouldn't. The chemistry was there from the start, and I couldn't put this one down as I had to know how things would work out for them. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this series and while this isn't my normal genre, Rachel Van Dyken has created an intriguing and captivating world that I find fascinating. She is so talented at creating unique and interesting stories that really draw readers in regardless of the genre. This series is filled with characters that I have grown to love, and I have become so invested in them. Honestly this is just a great series, and I think that readers of all genres can find something to enjoy here. If you haven't had a chance to check this series out yet, I highly recommend it. It is one that I have really enjoyed and Rachel Van Dyken never disappoints.

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  1. Oh, I haven't read any of her books yet but they look so good :) Definitely going to check this one out!