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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ARC Review: Two Man Advantage by Toni Aleo

I thought that Two Man Advantage was a great M/M debut for author Toni Aleo. Fans of hers will enjoy this one and those that are new to her will as well. If you have read any of Toni's Assassins series, you will probably recognize some familiar faces here. But if you are new to her you don't need to worry as this is a complete standalone. I really enjoyed this story though, and this is one of my favorite books of hers to date. 

Wells Lemiere and Matty Haverbrooke knew they wanted each other right from the start, and despite the reasons they should stay away from one another they found it impossible to fight what was between them. But while Wells is out and proud, Matty's family and the fact that his dad is the Commissioner of the NHL means that he can't truly be himself. So when Wells finds himself unable to stay in the closet any longer, he tells Matty that he needs an open commitment from him which Matty finds himself unable to give. So when Matty finds out after months apart that Wells is getting married to someone else, he knows that he either has to come out or say goodbye to Wells forever.

I loved these two so much. I just couldn't get enough of them and their love was so clear and genuine. These two loved each other so much and yet both of them had some issues to deal with. The connection between them though was something that I never once questioned. My heart broke for both of them and things that they each faced, but the fact that they found a love and bond so pure and true that couldn't be broken was something that I loved reading about. The chemistry between them was off the charts, but it was so much more than that and these two truly belonged together. 

Overall, I loved this book. It was sweet and sexy, heartbreaking and emotional. It really delivered everything that I hope for in a great romance story and I think that Toni Aleo did a great job for her first M/M novel. I really hope that we get to see more M/M from her as I think that she did just as great of a job here as she does with everything else that I have read from her. I loved these characters and their journey, and I felt like I was right there with them through all the ups and downs and growth that each of them showed. I think this one is definitely worth the read and I can't wait for more.

**ARC Provided by L. Woods PR**

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