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Saturday, December 9, 2017

ARC Review: The Last Move by Mary Burton

This is a great one! Mary Burton has really outdone herself with this one it was a disturbing and morbid chess game and I loved it. Definitely more suspense than romance and what little was there was well placed, it made sense that it was where it was and what lead to it. The suspense part was a non-stop nail biter, and me on the edge the whole time. The characters each have a bit of baggage to keep them slow moving toward each other but the murders are keeping them on their toes. Kate had a horrific experience as a teenager that shaped her into what she has become, which is a kick-ass FBI profiler and a forensic linguistics expert. Theo Mazur is cop through and through, he was a captain in Chicago but when his ex-wife moved to San Antonio moving their daughter, Alyssa, he followed to stay close to Alyssa and got a bump down to a detective. Both of these characters were likable and had great chemistry together. The antagonist was intriguing it does follow from his third person POV in some parts and you can see how his thought process works without giving away the end game. 

A woman was shot on the side of the road, normally this wouldn’t warrant the attention of the FBI but it has all the ear marks of a serial killer, one that had already been caught. Mazur calls in the FBI agent who led the case and was the one to find him. Special Agent Kate Hayden just promised a victim she rescued that she wouldn’t stop until the sadistic monster who did that to her was caught when she got the call requesting her presence in San Antonio. The M.O. is identical to the case she closed but could the “Samaritan” have had an accomplice or is it just a copycat. The prospect of a copycat serial killer isn’t the only thing Kate is worrying about but her own past rushing up to haunt her again. Things get stranger when another murder happens but is identical to another high profile case Kate worked on. Kate and Theo work together to discover just how these cases are all connected and how Kate fits into all. 

Overall, this is the reason I Love Mary Burton. Damaged but strong characters, an alpha type man who’s not an asshole and a suspense story that keeps you pulled in and engrossed the whole time.

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