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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ARC Review: Forgetting You, Remembering Me by Monica James

Forgetting You, Remembering Me is the second book in the Memories from Yesterday series by Monica James and should only be read if you have previously read Forgetting You, Forgetting Me. This book picks up right after where the first left off and trust me you won't want to miss any of this story! I have been on pins and needles waiting for this book since I finished the first, and I am so glad that I took a chance on this series when Monica James was a new to me author. 

All Lucy wanted was for her fiance Sam to remember her after tragedy took him away from her. But as she tried her hardest to get him to remember her, she found herself growing closer to his brother Saxon, and with that came the discovery of truths that had been hidden for years. But now that Sam has regained his memories and will do whatever it takes to win Lucy back, she must decide who is her future and who is her past. 

I will admit that I was frustrated with the characters throughout this book, and yet I couldn't stop reading. Sam, Saxon and Lucy all frustrated me and yet I felt for each of them. I didn't expect to feel as much as I did for certain characters, especially since I was solidly on one team at the end of the first book, but Monica James really had me feeling for everyone here, even if they did make some wrong choices. I really felt like this book had everything though, it had the angst and emotion and a ton of chemistry and I felt invested in all of these characters. 

Overall, I recommend this series, especially if you like love triangles or angst. Monica James has become an author that I definitely look forward to reading, and I was really happy with how she handled things here. While I did get frustrated with the characters and times and things that they did, ultimately I enjoyed the book and was glad that things played out how they did.

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