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Friday, July 19, 2019

ARC Review: Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

This book popped my Helena Hunting cherry, my first book by her and I absolutely adore this book. This book would fall under my classification as fluff, I love fluff, it’s quick and easy to read, it’s lighthearted with some deep emotional moments, and most importantly it’s funny. This is the kind of book that made me feel good when I finished it, where I just had to stop and take in the wonderful ending. For me this is one of those books that if I run out of books to read I could easily reread it, or if I am feeling depressed I could read it just to make me smile.

Kailyn and Dax met in law school and after the embarrassing first meet where Kailyn went all fan girl over the former child actor of her favorite sitcom they started a friendly rivalry between the two of them until one day it wasn’t friendly anymore. Despite Kailyn’s dislike for Dax as a human being she didn’t let that get in the way of still loving the show. Eight years later, Dax walks back into her life with his parents wanting to update their will, a few months later and his parents are dead and he finds himself the guardian of his teenage sister, Emma. Dax’s aunt is contesting the will and Kailyn is asked to represent Emma in the case. Kailyn has a soft spot for orphans and only agrees because she wants to make sure Emma is going to end up with the best person possible. Emma latches on to Kailyn and being around Emma means being around Dax and all those old feelings she use to harbor for him in college come back but also all new one for the man he became. Dax is glad that Kailyn is looking out for his sister’s best interest because that means he gets to spend time with her too and explore these feelings he’s had for her since college.

Overall, I loved this book, I loved the romance and the humor, the external conflict of the custody battle was a predictable but brought the story together. I definitely want to read more from Helena Hunting.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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